The Definitive Guide To Best Pole for Home Use

There are two types of pole saws on the market. One of them is the saws which are used for the professional or business purpose. Another one is the saw which is used in the home. Best Pole For Home Use are specially made for the light works. It doesn't mean that the home pole saws cannot deliver heavy performance. Obviously, it can but usually, you do not need heavy performance for some small tasks of the house. Normally you need to clean the yard. It’s one of the reasons for buying a home pole saw. However, using a pole saw for the yard is definitely a good choice because it can give you the safety you want during the work.

Why Choose the Pole Saws?

Safe to Use

The first and most crucial reason to use a pole saw is the safety point. The pole saws are superb safe. There is no risk when you get a pole saw from a reputed brand. Remington, Fiskars, Sun Joe, Oregon are the names of trust. You will be free of danger when you get a pole saw from these brands. You don’t have to use the ladder at all when cutting the high branches. If you have one, sell it because buying a pole saw will solve your problem of top unwanted limbs.

Variety of Products

One more benefit of pole saw is the variety of products. There are a lot of pole saws that are made for different reasons. Some of the pole saws are for only high reach, some of them are for professional use, some of them are for the homeowners and some of the saws are for light tasks. You will obviously get the best for you from these pole saws. There is no need to worry if your budget is low. Because decent pole saws are also available at a reasonable price.

Extra Reach

When there are so much unnecessary branches in your garden, what you do? Think of using a ladder? Don’t ever do that! It’s dangerous to use a ladder with a chainsaw in your hand. The chainsaw has good weight and you might fall off the ladder all of a sudden. This is why the pole saw is useful. You will need absolutely no ladder if you have a pole saw. Some of the pole saws will provide you more reach than a ladder can.

Best Pole for Home Use

Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250-A6 Pole Saw

Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery and Standard Charger

Features of Oregon Cordless Pole Saw

No Noise

The saw is powered by a powerful 40v max lithium ion battery. It runs on the battery. There is no need of gas. As it’s battery powered, the pole saw doesn’t sound much during the work. It means it will not be annoying for you to use the saw. Some of the saws are really annoying as they sound a lot. It harms your attention to the work. In fact, the sound sometimes gives a headache to you. But this saw will remain quiet while working with it.

Battery with Amazing Power

As we have talked earlier, the saw comes with a powerful 4.0 Ah Battery. The battery is powerful enough to give you service for a long time of work. It will not be out of charge all of a sudden. Because with one full charge, it’s ready to provide service on a long time task. So if you are worried about the charging issue of pole saw, get this one. It will not disappoint you.

Environmentally Friendly

The saw is environmentally friendly. Unlike the gas saws, it is not harmful to our environment. The pole saw doesn't release any type of harmful gas while running. Though it is a very powerful saw, it doesn’t emit the gases. On the other hand, it has instant start technology that is especially known to be a friendly feature to the user and the environment as well.


  • Pole saw cannot be balanced properly during the work
  • The motor is not durable as it fails after a little time of use

Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

Features of Remington Gas Pole Saw

Auto Oiler System

The Remington saw features the auto oiling technology. The automatic oiling system provides oil to the chain and bar according to the requirements. You don’t have to make sure if the chain is getting a good amount of oil because the oil technology does the job pretty well. You need to do one job which is oil supply to the reservoir. The rest is up to the automatic oil system.

Useable with Attachments

The most impressive feature of the saw is the usability with the different type of useful attachments. The saw accepts most of the attachment that allows the pole saw to do other works. You can use many attachments like an edger, blower, hedge trimmer and so on. To know more about the attachment, check the user manual. You will get a vast number of information.

Reaches Maximum Height

The pole saw is known for its upper reaching ability. Here the Remington saw comes with a heighty extension which is 7 feet long. The high branches of your garden will no longer be problems as the saw can cut them easily. When the pole is fully extended, it can reach up to 12 feet. Therefore reaching the above areas are not an issue in this saw.


  • The pole saw constantly needs to be repaired which cost a lot of money
  • There is chance of getting broken as the build quality is not good


A few people think that the Best Pole for Home Use are not good. They claim that the pole saws of the home are not good as they are not capable of delivering heavy performance. The statement is false. If you think closely you will see that the heavy work is not needed in a home garden. You need to prune and trim some trees which are filled with the unneeded branches. Therefore, you should not waste money by purchasing the professional saws. You can save money and do your work as well with the home pole saws.

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