Milliard 7-14 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade Review

The ladder is a common equipment for the gardeners. They climb the ladder and cut the high reach branches with the saw. But it’s a very risky task. The ladder might fail to carry you sometimes or you might fail to control the saw while climbing a ladder. For this reason, you need a decent saw with a long sturdy pole which can reach heights. Milliard 7-14 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw is a saw that is going to provide you maximum reach when cutting the upper branches. The saw will make you stop the use of the ladder as it can reach heights better than the ladder. It can reach 14 feet high from the ground. It’s a saw which is operated by your hand. No need for battery or electricity or charge issues. Moreover, it comes with the adjustable grip handle. The handle will give you perfect leverage to pull the full-length rope.

Milliard 7-14 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner

Sharp Pruning Blade

The pole saw comes with a sharp and long lasting pruning blade. The blade is capable of cutting hard branches with no problem. The saw pruning blade contains a 1.5-inch cutting aperture. It means the bigger branches are more comfortable to cut with this amazing blade. The pruner is the thickest pruner available on the market.

Durable Sharpness

The saw has 14-inch saw blade for cutting and trimming tasks. This saw blade is made of the high carbon steel. As a result, the edge of the saw blade doesn’t give up after some use. Even after everyday use, the sharpness of the saw is still same. So it reduces the pain of sharpening the blade.

Perfect Extension Pole

The pole saw contains an ideal pole as the extension. It is made of the fiberglass. The fiberglass material makes the saw lightweight. You are not going to face trouble when you have lifted the saw and doing your work. The weight is not much. Moreover, it can reach up to 14 feet which will allow you to cut the upper region branches and limbs accurately.

Easy Adjustment of Grip Handle

Being in a safe position is always a wise choice. No matter what you choose. While purchasing something, think if it’s safe for you to use. The pole saw has got an adjustable handle. The handle is there to help you choose the right grip. If the grip is wrong, you might face something dangerous like rope burn. So the grip handle is a beneficial feature.

Handheld Use

The tree pruner saw is a handheld saw. It’s a suitable saw to use by your hands. Many of the hand saws on the market are not proper fits for your hand. The design might be not well for the hand or you face lots of issues operating them by hand. But this saw is made for the hand use so that users do not face problems during work.


  • Has a fiberglass pole which is durable but lightweight and durable too
  • Cuts dense limbs and branches easily with minimum efforts by the help of Double Tackle Compound Pulley System
  • Helps to maintain the saw comfortably with non-stick coating carbon pruning blade which is 50C
  • Comes with three sides sharpened and premium built blade which is made of SK5 steel high-carbon
  • Perfect for the manicuring small or larger jobs of garden


Saw blade is not stiff enough when cutting with it

Solution: The poles saw comes with a pretty good saw blade. It has some amazing characteristics as well. But the blade is not hard enough to maintain a neutral position while cutting the hard limbs or logs. The blade sometimes gets bend according to some of the users. As it’s a quality pole saw with good quality blade, it should be stiff enough. Check the saw blade placement. Tighten the saw blade properly. Tightening is an issue which causes the blade to bent. So proper tight adjustment should make the blade stiff.

Rope gets jammed

After several uses of the saw, it’s normal for the rope to get jammed. There might be lots of waste materials around the rope. They are causing the problem. You should clean the rope along with the saw every day. Even you are not working with it, still, clean it on a regular basis. Cleaning the rope will help it to stay away from the waste materials. Therefore, it will not get jammed and you will be able to work with it comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I power the saw?
A: No need for powering or electricity. It is a hand saw and doesn’t need anything to start.

Q. Is it possible to remove the saw blade from the saw?
A: Yes, it’s possible to remove. You can remove the blade and use another replacement blade in it.

Q. Will it be a good buy for the overhanging limbs or branches?
A: Yes, of course, it will be a decent buy if you want to cut overhanging branches. With the super sharpened blade, the saw does the job pretty well.

Q. What is the reliable place to get a suitable replacement blade for the saw?
A: You can simply get this piece of information by calling the company or sending an email to

Q. Why there is a clipper in the saw? Is it useful?
A: Yes, the clipper is needed to solve the trimming problems while working with it.


Thicker branches are a big problem for the hand saws. The hand saws are not running by the machine or motor which results in poor cutting performance. Many of the hand saws face miserable condition during the process of cutting thick branches. With Milliard 7-14 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw, it’s not a problem at all. The thick branches are easy to cut with this hand saw. It has got a strong pruning head that is capable of trimming the branches that are 1½ inches thick. People may get concerned after seeing this hand pole saw that it’s not possible to cut their garden’s thick branches with it. But it will surprise this kind of people as it’s very easy to cut thick branches with this saw. Moreover, the saw has a decent pruning blade for cutting according to need. It comes with the fiberglass pole extension. The pole is lightweight and durable too. Overall it’s a superb hand tree pruner and pole saw.

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