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Loppers are great for getting into corners and tight spots where a standard pair of loppers wouldn’t fit. They can also be used to cut branches that are higher up than you can reach. But when you have a long reach lopper, you have to reach a long way for the tool. In this article, we’ll explain how loppers work and what makes a lopper long reach. We’ll also review our top picks for Ars long reach loppers.

Top 10 Best Loppers For Arthritic Hands – To Buy Online

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Comparison Chart for Ars Long Reach Loppers

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1Kings County Tools Long Reach Pruner - Rotating Head - Razor Sharp Trimmer Blades - Durable Aluminum Handles - Strap for Higher Cut Comfort - Arborist Delight - No Ladder Needed9.8Buy On Amazon
2Mesoga 5.6-13 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner9.8Buy On Amazon
3Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut 'n' Hold Pruner9.4Buy On Amazon
4TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action9.4Buy On Amazon
5KSEIBI 143015 Long Reach Cut and Hold Bypass Pruner Max Cutting 5/16 inch (5.0 ft - 1.5 m)9Buy On Amazon
6Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935K)9Buy On Amazon
7ARS LA-180LR21 Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruner8.8Buy On Amazon
8ARS LA-160ZR203 Telescoping Long Reach Pruner8.6Buy On Amazon
9Fiskars EZ Reach Tree Pruning Stik with Rotating Head 5 Feet Long8.4Buy On Amazon
10ARS LPB-30L Orchard Lopper8.2Buy On Amazon

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1. Kings County Tools Long Reach Pruner - Rotating Head - Razor Sharp Trimmer Blades - Durable Aluminum Handles - Strap for Higher Cut Comfort - Arborist Delight - No Ladder Needed

  • BRANCH TRIMMER – Both lightweight and easy to use, this cutter super strong with durable aluminum handles.
  • DITCH THE LADDER – Reach some higher branches without having to balance on a ladder or foot stool as this pruner measures 59” in length.
  • WORK SMARTER – A handy removable harness is provided for times where the pruning is a little higher to give your back a break along with a hook to pull and grab branches.
  • SHARP BLADES – The jaw capacity is 1” and cutting is made easier with a rotating head to tackle those tougher angles.
  • LOP IT OFF – Strong cutting jaws are easily activated with the wide giraffe-style handle action

2. Mesoga 5.6-13 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner

  • Pole saw & pruner provide 3 sections telescoping high-cut branches, no need to climb ladders, easy making low cuts, extend from 5.
  • The precision-ground high carbon steel pruner blades and fully heat treated with sharp razor edge, durable anvil lopper has 1/2 inch cutting capacity trimming thin tree limbs, or 12 inch stainless steel saw blade powers through thicker branches, lightweight aluminum tube with comfortable spring handle grip for fast pruning or harvesting.
  • Rope-free, chain-free, manual portable and long reach design for easy reaching of high twigs, let two-handed control and eliminates snags and tangles.
  • Low friction coating, reduced gumming and enhanced rust resistance; clean with mild detergent for maintenance, oil pivot points for smooth bypass working.
  • Two options allow you to control the cut direction; the ergonomic load fits the natural shape of your hand, release wrist fatigue, a unique safety button locks in place for the holder on “plug in” holes, ensures the rod stays put for superior operation.

3. Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner

  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL TWIGS: Light duty extendable pruner designed to cut small twigs and collect them inside hard to reach areas.
  • CUT ‘N HOLD FEATURE HOLDS STEM UNTIL YOU RELEASE: Assists in preventing falling limbs and allows you to cut safely.
  • REACH HIGHER WITH AN OVERALL LENGTH OF 46″: Allows reach to otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • HIGH-CARBON STEEL BLADE AND HOOK ARE FULLY HEAT TREATED FOR DURABILTY: Extends life of the tool season after season.
  • ERGONOMIC CO-MOLDED HANDLES FOR COMFORT: Designed for extended use.
  • Cut and hold feature holds stem until you release

4. TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

  • CHOPS THROUGH ⌀ 2” BRANCHES effortlessly.
  • COMPOUND ACTION SYSTEM: The compound lever system with multiple pivot points and moving parts increases the force applied to the blades.

5. KSEIBI 143015 Long Reach Cut and Hold Bypass Pruner Max Cutting 5/16 inch (5.0 ft – 1.5 m)

  • Light weight aluminium arm
  • Non-stick coated black finish resists from rusting and corrosion
  • Comfortable hand grip revents fatigue
  • Revolving arm allows you to turn the pruner blades in any direction without moving the hand grip
  • Designed for one-handed operation

6. Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935K)

  • Ideal for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder, making low cuts without bending or kneeling or reaching into dense or prickly shrubs.
  • Rope-free design gives you two-handed control and eliminates snags and tangles.
  • Power-Stroke chain-drive gearing provides maximum cutting power.
  • Actuating ball at the end of the pole lets you extends your reach even farther
  • Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood, prevents the blade from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blade resist rust.
  • Lightweight aluminum pole weighs less than five pounds to minimize fatigue during extended use.

7. ARS LA-180LR21 Heavy Duty Long Reach Pruner

  • 7 ft. Pruner with a 3/4″ cutting capacity
  • Heavy duty drop forged razor edge blade (bypass pruner head)
  • Lightweight aluminum arm is strong and durable (2.25 lbs. total weight)
  • The handle rotates, allowing the pruner head to reach cuts at any angle
  • Get extended reach with your feet on the ground!

8. ARS LA-160ZR203 Telescoping Long Reach Pruner

  • Telescopes from 4 to 7′
  • Cut and Hold (160) Blades
  • Drop forged blades for unsurpassed long lasting sharpness
  • Lightweight, 2.3 lbs., for continued use
  • Perfectly balanced for easy pruning

9. Fiskars EZ Reach Tree Pruning Stik with Rotating Head 5 Feet Long

  • Rope-Free Design allows Two-Handed Control and Eliminates Snags and Tangles
  • Fully Hardened, Precision-Ground Steel blade Stays Sharp, even Through Heavy Use
  • Prunes Vegetation With A Maximum Thickness of 1-1/4 in.
  • Cutting Head Rotates 270 Degrees
  • Length 5 Feet

10. ARS LPB-30L Orchard Lopper

  • ARS Orchard Lopper, 30″ OAL
  • Superior cutting leverage
  • Long lasting sharpness
  • Fantastic durability
  • Top quality balance and ergonomic design for continued use

Why you need a lopper

A lopper is an essential tool for any gardener or homeowner. It is used to cut branches, shrubs, and trees. It is also great for clearing up undergrowth and cutting down unwanted vines.

A lopper can be used for a variety of purposes, including cutting wood, branches, and vines; limbing trees; and cutting down smaller branches. It is important to choose the right lopper for the specific job at hand. A lopper with a flexible blade will be better suited for cutting wood, while a shorter lopper with a more rigid blade is better for branches and shrubs.

It is also important to take safety precautions when using a lopper. Always wear safety goggles, a protective shirt, and gloves to avoid cuts and bruises. Make sure the blade is sharp and properly aligned before using it. Finally, stay alert while working and use common sense when cutting down trees or limbs.

Types of loppers

There are three main types of loppers: the chainsaw lopper, the bow saw lopper, and the pole saw lopper. Each has its own unique pros and cons that should be considered before making a purchase.

The chainsaw lopper is the most versatile and is great for cutting large branches. It has a high-powered motor that makes it easy to handle big pieces of wood. However, it can be dangerous if used incorrectly and can cause serious injury.

The bow saw lopper is a more specialized tool that is best used for cutting limbs and smaller branches. It has a smaller chainsaw-like blade that is more accurate and easier to handle. This type of lopper is less versatile than the chainsaw lopper and is not as good for cutting large pieces of wood.

The pole saw lopper is the most specialized of the three and is best for cutting down trees or tall branches.

How to use a lopper

If you are looking to trim shrubs, trees, or other plants, a lopper is a perfect tool. Loppers come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it is important to find the one that is best suited for the task at hand. Some of the most common styles include the hand lopper, the chainsaw-style lopper, and the pruning lopper.

To use a lopper, first determine the area you need to trim. Next, position the lopper so that the blade is positioned just below the branch or shrub. Cut slowly and evenly across the branch or shrub, being careful not to nip into the trunk. Finally, remove the branch or shrub by pulling it away from the trunk. Repeat on the other side of the plant.

Remember to always wear safety gear when using a lopper, including eyewear and gloves.

The best time to use a lopper

The best time to use a lopper is when the leaves are at their peak of maturity. This will ensure that the blade is able to cut through the leaf without causing damage. Additionally, loppers are best used when the weather is warm, as this will help in faster cutting. Lastly, make sure to wear gloves and eye protection when using a lopper, as this will help to protect your hands and eyes from potential injury.

What to look for when buying a lopper

When purchasing a lopper, be sure to consider the type of lopper that you need, the features that are important to you, and the price. There are a variety of loppers on the market, including hand loppers, power loppers, and chain saw loppers.

When choosing a lopper, be sure to consider the type of material that you will be cutting. Most loppers are designed to cut hard materials like wood, plastic, and metal. Additionally, be sure to consider the size of the lopper and the range of motion that it has. The size of the lopper will determine how much material you can cut at once, while the range of motion will determine how tight or loose the blades can be cut.

Another important consideration when purchasing a lopper is the warranty. Many loppers come with a warranty that covers damages that are caused by misuse or accidents. Make sure to read the warranty carefully to understand what is covered.

How to care for your lopper

If you are in the market for a lopper, then it is important to take care of it in order to ensure long-term use. Here are a few tips to help you care for your lopper:
  •  Keep it dry - Keep your lopper dry by storing it in a dry place.
  • Sharpen it regularly - Always sharpening your lopper will keep it in good working condition.
  • Maintain the tension - Maintaining the tension on the blade will ensure that it cuts smoothly and accurately.
  • Dispose of the blade properly - When you are finished using the blade, make sure to dispose of it properly by putting it in a trash can or recycling bin.
  • Frequently Ask Question

    Are the long reach loppers worth the price?

    The long reach loppers are definitely worth the price. They are made with a high-quality construction and are very durable.

    What are the long reach loppers good for?

    The long reach loppers are great for cutting branches that are too high or far away to reach with a standard pair of loppers.

    How do the long reach loppers work?

    The long reach loppers work by using a telescoping arm to extend the reach of the loppers. This allows you to cut branches that are high or far away from you.

    Can the long reach loppers be used for other purposes?

    The long reach loppers can be used for other purposes, such as trimming hedges or cutting small branches.

    What are the long reach loppers made of?

    The long reach loppers are made of a high-quality construction that is very durable.

    What are the dimensions of the loppers?

    The dimensions of the loppers are 26.4 inches long and 2.8 inches wide.

    What is the weight of the loppers?

    The weight of the loppers is 1.76 pounds.

    What is the cutting capacity of the loppers?

    The cutting capacity of the loppers is 1.5 inches.

    What are the materials used to make the loppers?

    The materials used to make the loppers are aluminum and steel.


    If you're in the market for a loppers that will make short work of long branches and tree limbs, the Ars Long Reach Loppers may be just what you're looking for. With a cutting width of 3 inches and a length of 8 feet, this lopper is perfect for tackling even the most stubborn branches. Plus, its lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you can take on any job with ease. So what are you waiting for? Get your own Ars Long Reach Loppers today.