Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (7–14 Feet) Review

Most of the cases you need a ladder to cut tree branches as it’s far high from the ground. The ladder is an extra cost which takes a good amount of money from your budget. As a result, you have to add more money to your budget. It's a common problem when you are planning to cut your trees in the garden or doing a task where you have to cut tree branches. To get rid of this issue, there’s a pole saw called Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (7–14 Feet). It contains a tree trimming system which is sturdy and it is 14 feet extendable. The pole saw has many other features too. Let’s see them.

Fiskars 393981-1001 502999 14 inch Extend Tree Pruner

Features Of Fiskars Power Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

Sharp Pruning Blade

The pole saw comes with a levered pruning blade. It is faster than a wood cutting saw blade. It can cut many branches in your garden. The blade cuts in a second which is a great time saver. Moreover, you face trouble when cutting the thicker branches. With a pruning blade, thicker branches are not a problem. It’s tough to cut small branches with the saw as they are not stiff enough. On the other hand, the sharp pruning blade cuts them quickly in an efficient way.

Requires Less Energy

Are you looking for a pole saw for someone who doesn’t have much strength? This product can obviously be a good choice for that person. Its weight is only 5.3 pounds which is quite less than the other traditional pole saws. You do not need help to carry the pole saw. You can do your works all alone because of its lightweight. The lightweight also allows you to control the pole saw better.

Strong Locking System

Often you see the lock on the handle in a pole saw is not enough to keep a steady hold. It fails to hold the stick of the saw because of poor strength or force. Sometimes weak locking system locks the handle in inappropriate places and even tightens the cuff. This pole saw from Fiskars has a decent force and quality to lock correctly. It contains a small metal knob and a clip which help to keep the hold for a long time.

Saves Valuable Time

We have already talked about the time-saving feature of this pole saw. Let’s collapse it a little bit. In a garden, old trees are very hard to reach for their incredible tallness. There must be some branches where those are situating at a high level. You can’t cut them with a chainsaw. You need ladders to reach there and cut those branches. Buying a ladder is costly and it takes time too. Besides, this pole saw provides the opportunity to avoid the use of ladders. The pole saw extends 7-14 feet which will serve your purpose.

Incredible Latching Mechanism Technology

The saw has latching mechanism technology that is essential for a pole saw. It is a kind of fastener which joins two or more objects to allow them proper regular separation. Many of the pole saws do not contain this technology. As a result, the separating process of objects in a saw is hampered. It reduces the durability of a saw.


  • Provides more than 2x cutting power as it has the Power Lever technology that boosts the energy
  • Comes with a fully hardened pruner of steel and a WoodZig saw which is 15 inch as additional features
  • Able to cut branches that are 1-1/8 inch thick
  • Contains low friction coating that gives smooth cuttings and it reduces gumming and allows rust resisting
  • Is reliable because it comes with lifetime warranty

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t cut properly

Solution: There are many things related to the cutting process. Check the chain placement. It might be in wrong place. The chain’s sharpness does matter too. Check if it’s sharpened. And the most important is chain itself can be damaged. By replacing it, you can get the solution for your problem.

Power-Lever gets jammed often

Solution: When you cut the branches it’s normal that the waste materials will get inside the machine. After several uses of the saw, many wastes are in the parts of the machine. Due to waste materials, the power lever gets jammed. Clean the saw regularly and the interior too. If it’s appropriately cleaned then power lever will not get jammed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the product assembled when it arrives?
A: Yes, the product comes assembled excluding the pruner blade. You have to know how to assemble the pruner blade to make adjustments.

Q. Is there any difference between this pole saw and the old version of Fiskars 14 Feet Extendable Tree Pruner?
A: There is a difference. The new version has a double locking system which is why the pole stays extended. It is very secure locking method where the old one contains only flip lock system.

Q. For the storage, what is the minimum length?
A: It is around 7 feet. Only if the blade is removed and the wing nut is loosed.

Q. Does it work on tall trees like a palm tree?
A: Yes, it does work quite nicely on these trees. It’s made for them.


The demand of pole saws is increasing rapidly. It is because it’s lightweight, convenient and efficient. A pole saw also saves both time and money. There are a lot of pole saws in the market. The products with good qualities are ruling the market. In this situation, Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (7–14) Feet is a great addition which has already dominated the market with its eye-catching features. It comes with many modern facilities. The pole saw has a decent locking system which ensures safety during your works. The saw has oval-shaped fiberglass poles that reduce flex and also allow you to cut branches according to your need. It is an excellent product considering the main features. In Amazon, its rating is 4.6 which is very satisfying. After reading the review, If you think it will serve your needs and have the budget then definitely you can go for this fantastic product.

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