Gilmour 20-18-16 Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw Review

Day by day, the number of pole saw is increasing rapidly. There are many saws on the market with different characteristics. Some of them are exceptionally made for the hard to reach branches. Here I have got another pole saw which is Gilmour 20-18-16 Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw from the trusted brand Gilmour. It is a special saw made for cutting and trimming the high branches properly. The saw comes with three extension poles. They are 6 feet each. It means you can reach up to 18 feet high to cut branches in your garden. There are several poles do not mean that those are not steady. The poles are very well constructed of fiberglass. Loose branch is also a problem for you during the process of cutting. The pole saw contains a hook that grabs the loose branch and pulls it out of the tree. It is a professional grade pole saw.

Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw With Fiberglasss Handle

Features Of Gilmour Pole Saw

Strong Built Quality

The commercial grade pole saw is made of superior quality materials. The head of the saw is made of the high-quality cast aluminum. So the head is pretty steady. Besides, the pole is also is an active part of the saw. It is made of the fiberglass. These high-quality building materials have made the saw definite a durable one.

Curved Sharp Blade

The saw blade is a crucial part of the pole saw. It matters the most when you are cutting the limbs or logs. So if the blade is not sharpened enough, you will not enjoy the cutting tasks. For this reason, the blade of the saw is curved by 16 inches. It helps you to cut branches in your desired direction. The blade also comes with non-stick coating.

Paint Brush Holder

Additional features are a great marketing policy. Many of the users can be attracted by those features and buy the specific product. Here the commercial grade saw has got one feature which is the paint brush holder. When you are cleaning the higher area, you need brush sometimes for cleaning purposes. The saw comes with a holder that can fit paint brush.

Lightweight With Easy Control

The pole is a commercial grade saw. It’s for daily and heavy use. As a result, the saw is light in terms of weight. The less weight feature allows the user to control the pole saw adequately. You can lift it without any problem as the weight of the saw is only 9.9 lbs. It’s a perfect pole saw for the people who are looking for less weight saw.

Necessary Accessories

The saw comes with sufficient accessories that are needed. Therefore you don’t have to spend money on buying the accessories. The accessories which come with the product includes a hook, brush holder and so on.


  • Makes sawing job easy with the nonstick coating curved saw blade that is 16 inch
  • Comes with a holder of brushing paint
  • Contains three extension fiberglass poles which are 6 feet and in diameter 1-1/4 inch
  • Not much weighty with poles allows you to have full control of the saw
  • Increases rigidity as the poles are Octagonal

Cons With Solution

Blade comes dull and fails to cut the limbs clearly

Solution: A few users have claimed to get a dull saw blade with the pole saw. The blade is quite good that has been used in this saw. If you still face the problem or you got a dull blade then try to sharpen the blade of the saw. To sharpen a saw blade, use the necessary tools like the flat file, round file and so on. Don’t go for any other method. Use the standard way of sharpening the saw blade. If it’s sharpened enough, it will continue to provide sharp cuts to the branches.

Pole connectors are flimsy and not easy to control

SolutionThe commercial grade pole saw comes with a fiberglass pole. It’s a very decent pole and capable of giving high performance. But when the connectors are flimsy, it becomes hard to cut in the desired direction. If it’s flimsy, there is a chance that the pole connectors are not well tightened. To get rid of it, tighten the pole connector. Hopefully, it will not become flimsy again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use the saw as a pruning saw after detaching the poles?
A: Yes, it can be used as a pruning saw by removing the poles. It’s not recommended because it was not made for the pruning tasks.

Q. What are the poles made of?
A: The poles are made of fiberglass. Aluminium connection was also used.

Q. Can I add more poles to the saw to make it longer?
A: Yes, you can add more poles. But keep it in mind that the poles make the saw weighty. The pole saw might wobble with more than three poles.

Q. Is it an electric saw or a gas powered saw?
A: It is neither an electric saw or a gas pole saw. This is a manual saw which means it operates by your hand.

Q. How the poles get attached to each other?
A: The pole section of the saw contains a sheath of aluminum. It connects to the loaded snap button. In this way, the button keeps the hold among the poles.


Nowadays, design and build quality matter a lot in the mind of the customers. The design is the first sight that attracts a customer to get converted into a buyer. The Gilmour 20-18-16 Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw has a compact design. Gilmour has always been a first choice for the customers. Their build quality of the product is praiseworthy. They haven’t compromised the well-built feature in this product too. The head of the saw is made of durable aluminum. Poles are also made with a premium element which is fiberglass. You are going to get a nonstick coating curved saw blade. It’s sharp enough to cut hard branches. The blade will last for years as it is a non-stick coating blade. The saw will not come fully assembled but there is no need to worry. It’s effortless to assemble as a guide will come with the saw. In this budget, it’s apparently an excellent choice.

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