GreenWorks 29062 Replacement Pole Saw Bar Rewiew

The bar is an essential part of a chainsaw. Without it, it’s impossible to run the saw. If the bar goes missing from the saw, it will be of no use. The bar has the relationship with the chain. The running of a chain in proper place completely depends on the bar. Here we have a decent bar for review which is named GreenWorks 29062 Replacement Pole Saw Bar. This is a quality bar from the trusted company GreenWorks. It will serve your needs with its excellent building design and the famous 8 inches bar. The replacement bar comes with a lot of decent features like compatibility with different pole saws of the GreenWorks and so on. It will be a nice addition to your yard tools as it has got some nice abilities. Moreover, the bar is reliable because it comes from a well-reputed brand. Let’s know about the replacement pole saw bar a little bit more.

Greenworks 8-Inch Replacement Pole Saw Bar 29062

Features of greenworks pole saw replacement chain

8 Inches Bar

This bar from the GreenWorks is obviously a fantastic product. The 8 inches bar is common length of the pole saws which is why it’s a needy product. GreenWorks saw users were struggling lack of the appropriate bars for their saws. But they don’t have to suffer anymore. The brand has made this 8 inches bar for their users. It is yet another good quality product from the manufacturer.


The bar is compatible with most of the GreenWorks pole saws and their chains. It’s also compatible with the tools that GreenWorks has made. The pole saws that are compatible with this bar include 20302, 20192, 20672, 20352 etc. Moreover, the bar is also compatible with the chain model which is 29072. So it’s an exceptional bar as it has got compatibility with several saws, tools and chain.

1-8 Inches Steel Bar

The length of the bar is 1-8 inches which are essential to get proper cuts during jobs of sawing. It will be beneficial to you with its super length. On the other hand, the bar is made of decent quality steel. The steel will be a good addition to your saw because it is made for lasting longer than other bars. With this durable bar, you will get years of service. It means the bar will give proper value to your money.

Genuine Product

Often people get fooled by the crooked salesman who sells replica of a specific product. Even they also make the customers fool by suggesting them to buy a wrong replacement for products. But this is not one of those fake bars. The manufacturer of GreenWorks made it. The brand has given a complete guarantee that it’s their product. So you can buy the bar without any fear of getting fooled.


  • Bar of 8 inches which makes it work like a professional bar and provide high cuts
  • Compatible with various saws including GreenWorks 20302, 20192, 20672, 20352 models
  • Comes with the 1- 8 inches steel pole saw bar for making the saw last for a long time
  • Has the compatibility with the GreenWorks chain 29072
  • Genuine part verified by the Sunrise Global Marketing manufacturer

Cons With Solution

Chain comes off after using the bar

Solution: Some of the users have complained that the chain comes off after they started to use the GreenWorks bar. The bar is quite a good one with some good characteristics. The chain should not come off the bar. Even it might not be happening because of the bar. Or the bar might get damaged which resulting the chain to come off. Maybe the chain is the issue. To solve the problem, you should try to tighten the chain. The best solution to this chain coming off issue is to tighten the chain once again. If you tighten the chain with proper tension, it will not come off again.

Doesn’t fit with several saws

Solution: This bar is a decent product from the Sunrise Global Marketing company. It comes with many features. But a complaint has arisen that the bar doesn’t fit with most of the saws which are not GreenWorks. Well, it’s common that the bar is not going to fit with other brands. It was specially made for the GreenWorks users. The bar will be compatible with these respective GreenWorks models 20302, 20192, 20672, 20352. If you have another saw, you should call the customer care of Sunrise Global Marketing to make sure if it will work on your saw. Without making sure don’t buy the bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use the bar with the Earthwise cvps41008 2 in one pole saw?
A: If the chain and length of bar match with each other, you can use the bar obviously without a single doubt.

Q. Will this work on the Ryobi 8 inches pole saw?
A: Yes, it will work with the pole saw. Because the bar works with 8 inches saw.

Q. Can I use this replacement bar on Troy-Bilt 8-inch Pole Chain Saw?
A: No, you cannot use it on a troy built pole saw because the chain placement and size is different.


Sunrise Global Marketing is the manufacturer of GreenWorks tools. They are producing quality products from the beginning of their journey. GreenWorks 29062 Replacement Pole Saw Bar is yet another well-made product of them. The bar is a very good product when you consider it’s qualities and characteristics. It will help your chain to run even better than the past with its excellent quality. The bar comes with different features including the 8 inches bar. It is the perfect decision to buy if you have got the saw with 8 inches cutting bar and chain. People often get fooled because the crooked seller forces them to buy the wrong replacement. If you have this kind of experience, go for this product. It will not disappoint you. It will satisfy you because it’s the original product of GreenWorks. The product is compatible with many models of GreenWorks including 20302, 20192, 20672, 20352. If you have one of these pole saws, you can purchase the bar with no doubt.

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