GreenWorks Pro PS80L210 80V 10-Inch Cordless Pole Saw Review

The manufacturer company GreenWorks has made some tremendous pole saws in the past. Their saws are also updated with the time. GreenWorks Pro PS80L210 80V 10-Inch Cordless Pole Saw is one of the best inventions of pole saw on the market right now. Though it’s a mighty pole saw, it doesn’t require any electricity to run. The saw is completely cordless. There is no need for electric connection to power the saw. The saw contains a 10 inch chain and bar. This is very rare among the pole saws. Most of the saws come with an 8-inch chain bar but in this case, it has got a better bar and chain of 10 inches. It will surely deliver superb performance during the cut. Landscaping process can enhance the beauty of the garden. When it comes to the talk of landscaping, this pole saw is the first choice. It comes with a decent battery and charger too.

Greenworks PRO 80V 10” Brushless Cordless Polesaw, 2Ah Battery Included PS80L210

Features of GreenWorks Cordless Pole Saw

Brushless Motor

The cordless battery operated saw comes with a brushless motor. It is a very powerful and long-lasting motor. The engine is ready to be used for regular sawing jobs without any problem. You will enjoy operating the saw. The brushless motor is mostly known for its tremendous performance. It delivers an equal performance of a gas powered saw.

Powerful Battery and Charger

Often people face the battery and charger issues with a cordless pole saw. For this reason, many people keep a distance from the cordless pole saw. They even go for an electric pole saw but not a cordless one. Well, this saw is different from the other saws. It has no battery or charging issue as it comes with the powerful 80 volt 2Ah battery and a charger. The charger takes less time to get fully charged.

10 inch Cutting Bar

The saw contains 10-inch cutting bar and chain. This is a famous cutting bar for its clear cuts to the unnecessary branches. The thicker branches are not an issue with the saw. It has got 10-inch cutting bar which is going to satisfy you with its incredible cutting mechanism.

Translucent Oil Tank

Oil is an essential element that helps to keep running the pole saw. Bar and chain need most of the oil. If they are well lubricated, they will provide an impressive performance while sawing the unwanted branches. The pole saw has got a translucent oil tank which will show how much oil is remaining. It will help you to observe the oil level. As a result, you know when to fill the oil tank and when not.


  • Comes with brushless motors which deliver same performance as the gas-powered saw
  • Runs by a 2Ah battery and the charger is included with the pole saw
  • Includes an extension which is 8 feet for the user to reach further height
  • Applies oil to the chain and bar on necessary time with automatic oiler system
  • Replacement section of authentic GreenWorks available with the cordless pole saw

Cons With Solution

Chain comes off while working with the saw

Solution: The chain and bar is the most crucial part of a pole saw. It helps run the saw properly and provide good cutting performance. If the chain comes off, it’s annoying as you have to stop in the middle of your work. The main reason for this problem is the loose placement of the chain. It’s not tightened enough to keep running all the time during work. Tighten the chain properly to get rid of this difficulty. You can solve the issue by getting another chain as a replacement. But it will cost very much.

Contains too much weight on the pole part

Solution: The pole saw contains a sturdy pole that can reach to the upper area cut their branches. But unfortunately, the pole part has much weight. It results in the unbalanced issue during the process of cutting upper region branches. In that case, use other models of GreenWorks saw as they have some lightweight pole saw. It’s for them who is facing problem lifting and controlling the saw. Getting a lightweight saw model will solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the length of limbs that the pole saw can cut?
A: The saw has 10-inch bar and chain which cuts through 1-4 inch limbs with no problem.

Q. Can I collapse the saw or I have to disassemble the unit during transportation?
A: The unit has to be dismantled when you are transporting or storing the pole saw.

Q. How long is the pole to its full length?
A: From handle to the bar, 9 feet 1 inch is the full length of this pole saw.

Q. How much time the cordless saw takes to charge completely?
A: This professional saw with 4Ah battery with 80v is going to take 1 hour approximately to charge fully.

Q. Should I buy an additional extension to reach more heights?
A: You can obviously buy one and use with the saw but it’s not recommended. Controlling with another extension will be hard.


Gardening is a kind of passion for many people. The garden completes their house. Most of the homes now have a garden as it provides fresh air around the house. People can enjoy the blessing of nature in a garden. But when the garden is dirty, everything will look dull and people will be discouraged to do gardening works. To get rid of the dirtiness of garden, GreenWorks Pro PS80L210 80V 10-Inch Cordless Pole Saw is there with the powerful chain and bar of 10 inches that will help the user to remove all the unwanted limb, logs and branches. Everyone knows gas powered saws are more powerful than electric saws. 

But here the saw from GreenWorks will supply equal performance of a gas saw with the Brushless motors. The pole saw is made in a way which makes it user-friendly. People who are using it will be super happy as it will give comfort to the user with less mess, less vibration and less noise.

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