Homelite/Ryobi – Electric Pole Saw Chain – 901289001 Review

Products with good qualities often come with too much price. It’s not different even on the market of chainsaw chains. The good ones come with an unaffordable price. But here comes affordable chain with quality design and features from the manufacturer of Homelite and Ryobi that is Homelite/Ryobi - Electric Pole Saw Chain - 901289001. The chain has got different type of special characteristics with it. An important thing to say is the manufacturers of this chain. Generally, you see the chain makers all alone produce the chains. There was no collaboration of this work until the Ryobi and Homelite chain arrived. It has been made by the combination of Ryobi and Homelite. This factor is allowing both of these brand’s user to enjoy the chain with their saw. The chain is compatible with numerous saws of both Homelite and Ryobi. To know which models are compatible keep reading the review.

Homelite 901289001 Electric Pole Saw Chain

Features of ryobi electric pole saw replacement chain

Compatible with Several Saws

The chain is compatible with different electric pole saws. The product is a collaboration of Homelite and Ryobi manufacturers. So it will be a perfect match for all the pole saws of Ryobi and Home lite. By the way, the manufacturers have suggested something different. They have said that the chain should be used in these models respectively UT-43160 Electric Pole Saw, 30254EG Expert Gardner Electric Pole Saw and so on.

Genuine Product

This is a genuine OEM chain for the replacement of Homelite and Ryobi pole saw chains. You don’t have to be confused whether it’s the original replacement chain or not. The official manufacturer website has claimed it be the original chain replacement for Ryobi and Homelite saws. You should grab one of these chains if you got any pole saw from Ryobi or Homelite. But make sure the chain will work with your model before purchasing.

Domestic Use

The chain is specially made for the use in yards. It not a chain which can be used for the commercial purpose. It’s dedicated to the house owners who have garden and wants to clean up the garden by removing unusual branches. The chain will power your saw to cut the hidden and ugly limbs as well as branches of your yard or garden. It is also capable of cutting hard limbs.

Effortless Setup

The chain is very easy to set up. It’s not one of those chains which gives you lots of pain while installing it. The process of installation is super easy and time-saving. To install the saw follow the instruction of user manual that comes with your Homelite or Ryobi saw. It doesn’t take much time to install. Thus it gives you a happy and satisfying experience.


  • Compatible with many models of Homelite and Ryobi pole saws including UT-43160 Electric Pole Saw, 30254EG Expert Gardner Electric Pole Saw
  • Works like the original chain of the existing saw which gives you the same experience as the last chain
  • Is not much lengthy so you need a small space to use the chain
  • Provides impressive performance like a professional chain
  • Fits properly with the Ryobi saws and doesn’t leave unnecessary space on the guide bar

Cons with solution

It is not a durable chain

Solution: According to some users of the chain, it is not a durable product. It lasted for a few days in their cases. The durability of a product depends on its building quality. But it depends more on how you use the product. Every product needs proper maintenance. In this case of chain, it needs proper care too. If you put the chain in a place which is not secure for it, it will get hampered. The durability of the chain will reduce. Besides, regular maintenance of the chain is needed very much. To make a chain durable, you should clean the chain regularly. You should not keep the chain dirty which makes the chain’s lifespan shorter. By maintaining the saw on a regular basis, the saw will last for a long time.

Chain gets dull after several cuts

Solution: The chain getting dull is a normal issue after months of use. But if the chain gets dull within a short time, it’s a matter of worry. You should try to sharpen the chain in that case. The sharpening process will allow your saw to cut again like a steady chain. To sharpen a chain, follow the standard method. It will sharpen your chain properly. If it gets enough sharpness, it will start to provide excellent cuts to the branches. Moreover, you should maintain the saw chain properly to get full service from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the chain slips while working with it?
A: No, the chain will not slip when you are doing sawing jobs with it. It has very strong built. As a result, the slipping is not an issue for this chain.

Q. What is the weight of this Homelite/Ryobi chain?
A: The weight is only 0.8 ounces. This is a quite impressive weight for a chain. After adding it to your saw, you will not feel that you have added a chain as it’s lightweight.


The affordable price is a benefit which every user wants. Even people buy cheap products more than expensive ones without even thinking about the product quality. Here comes an affordable product which is not only affordable but also offers good qualities. The product is a chain which is named as Homelite/Ryobi - Electric Pole Saw Chain - 901289001. This is a combination of two companies. The first one is Homeline and another one is Ryobi. They together have made an excellent collaboration chain. The chain is compatible with many saws of Homelite and Ryobi as well. It comes with some admirable features like the effortless setup one. You do not have to be concerned about the setup of this chain. The manual will help you to do everything properly. Even the chain was made in a way which will allow you to install it with your saw easily. Moreover, the chain is the best choice if you want to use in only in your yard. The chain is not good for professional use.

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