How To Cut A 45-degree Angle With A Jigsaw? A Step-by-Step Guide

When we are doing a DIY project or just making decorative patterns for our room, we often find ourselves in need of cutting in a 45-degree angle. You can use various power tools to do this job and a jigsaw is no exception. It is even one of the specialties of a jigsaw to cut at any tight angle. So, in this article, I will discuss how to cut a 45-degree angle with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a very powerful tool that carpenters use for cutting shapes into wood. It is probably the most difficult tool in your shop, but it's also one of the coolest! It can cut curves and make tight turns that are impossible with other saws. It can be used to make intricate patterns, and any other shape you can imagine. The blades on the saw are constantly rotating at high speeds which make it perfect for rough cuts or shaping of materials like plywood or particle board.

Can a jigsaw cut a 45-degree angle?

Well, the answer is yes. Yes, it can cut a 45-degree angle like circular saws and miter saws. On the back of the jigsaw there is a little hex key. And with the hex key you can make adjustments on the bottom of the jigsaw in order to cut at a 45-degree angle.

How to cut a 45-degree angle with a jigsaw?

Most people don’t know that there is an adjustability option in the jigsaw that you can use to cut a 45-degree angle. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you-

Step 1: Measure and mark on the workpiece

First, measure and mark your 45-degree angle and the line of the cut. Use a carpenter's square to get the mark accurate. And remember to use a platform underneath your workpiece to make the cutting more easier, accurate and more comfortable.

Step 2: Set the jigsaw at 45-degree angle

Now the next thing to do is setting up the jigsaw at the desired angle. Remember it is the most important task in this work. But it is also very easy. On the back of the jigsaw there is an allen key. You have to use it to loosen the jigsaw base. Now you can adjust the base according to your needs. So, adjust the base to 45-degree and lock it in this position with the allen key.

Now your jigsaw is ready for cutting and remember your blade needs to be sharp or else you will have a problem at the end result.

Step 3: Start your cut

Now position your jigsaw along the marked line, and don't forget to put some chalk on the base plate so that you can see how much you've cut. Set your jigsaw to full speed or medium speed according to your comfort level, and slowly push forward so the blade starts cutting the board.

Step 4: Continue the Cutting

Now follow through your marked line and be careful to not to shake it too much. Or else the finished wood will not be flat. While cutting you will also have to maintain your minimum distance for basic safety and wear necessary equipment when you are doing woodworking.

Step 5: Calculate the 45-degree angle

There is one more thing you need to do after finishing the cutting. It is measuring the angle with your square. It will give you the confirmation to move on with your work.

There you have it, a 45-degree angle cut. It is both easy and useful.

How to cut a 90-degree angle with a jigsaw?

When we are doing woodworking DIY, we often have to cut a wood at a 90-degree angle, in other word vertically. And cutting a 90-degree angle with a jigsaw is also very easy like cutting a 45-degree angle. You can follow the same steps as we mentioned above for the 45-degree angle. You just have to keep in mind that you are cutting 90-degree.

For cutting 90-degree angle you first have to measure your wood and mark the line you want to cut. Then adjust the jigsaw base to 90-degree and lock it in that angle. Then hold the wood on a raised platform and start the cutting. And also, you can calculate the angle with your square.

Why does a jigsaw cut at an angle?

While the most common form of power tool is a straight line, there are several reasons as to why jigsaws cut at an angle.

A jigsaw cuts at an angle because it has teeth which pull the wood towards the blade along with the feed pressure of the blade on the wood. A jigsaw has many teeth hence the very large feed pressure. The feed pressure is created because the wood has to be pushed through each of these individual teeth.

How to cut a 45-degree trim?

There are several ways to cut a 45-degree trim. The first and most common way is to use a speed square. It will help give you an accurate line and guide the jigsaw blade along for fast, easy cuts.

If you don't have a speed square or feel like doing it old school, all you need is a pencil and a scrap piece of wood. To do it old school, first measure the distance from your wall to where you want to start cutting, then mark with a pencil at both ends. Then you line the pencil marks up on the edge of your board so they meet in between and draw a nice straight line with each side being 45-degrees.

Then, use a measuring tape and mark your board where you will cut and continue marking around the perimeter of your wood until you have the length you need. Once you have all your marks, simply connect them to create a line. This is where you will be cutting so make sure it's nice and straight before making any cuts.

Now it's time to cut. You can use a jigsaw or any power tool of your choice. Using the line as your guide, start your saw at one end and cut all the way around until you have completed the 45-degree cut!


You may be wondering what is so special about a jigsaw. A lot of people think that they are just for cutting wood or plywood in straight lines, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. In this article you got the answer on how to cut a 45-degree angle with a jigsaw. If you want to know how to use this safely and easily, read our other guides on using different types of saws properly. We also have some great tips when it comes to safety protocol when doing carpentry work with power tools such as the jigsaw!

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