How to cut logs without a chainsaw – Tips from our experts

When you cut down a tree, it is essential to apply the correct method, not only to operate in a safe working environment but also to proceed in the most effective way. When it comes to cutting down a tree without a chainsaw, the preparation phase is essential. If you know how to cut logs without a chainsaw, then it you don’t need to spend extra money for hiring someone.

By planning the procedure and choosing the equipment to use, you will not only be able to work in more excellent safety. But you will also facilitate subsequent operations. In this guideline, we'll give instructions on how can you cut the trees without a chainsaw or heavy metals. So, keep your eyes on this context.

Getting know: how to cut logs without a chainsaw

Continue determining the direction of felling by studying the tree carefully. What do the branches look like, and how do they grow? Also, taking into account the wind direction. Here are the 5 quick tips for cutting the logs without a chainsaw:

  • If you are unsure of the natural direction in which the tree will fall, move away and check with a plumb line (for detailed information, read the article).
  • Clear the area around the tree in the felling direction. Also, clear a 45-degree area behind the tree in both directions to create an escape route.
  • Once the area is cleared, place the appropriate signs and decide which direction to drop the tree and which will be your escape route.
  • Also, make sure you have enough fuel to complete the job. At this point, you will have to prune the trunk to eliminate all the low branches that could interfere with the felling operations.
  • The best solution is to use the pull method (underside of the guide bar) from top to bottom.

Which is the best way to cut logs without a chainsaw?

The peoples who are cutting the trees they know how difficult to cut down the logs. Some trees are so long. As a result, it is also risky. That's why we are falling into trouble cutting down that trees quickly. There are lots of ways to cutting logs without a chainsaw, but which is the best method? Don't worry, in this section, we'll clear about it.

  • Once the trunk has been freed from the low branches up to the height of your shoulder, it is possible to proceed with cutting.
  • It is essential to memorize two things correctly in this view: First, the hinge's thickness must be uniform and the correct size, and second is also inserted into the felling wedge or the brake bar before the shaft can block the guide bar.
  • The technique to cut depends on the size and inclination of the tree and the chainsaw size.
  • We have gathered data about the various methods here to determine the best way for your needs independently.

This technique will help you to cut down trees easily. Cutting logs without a chainsaw will not be very hard for you if you follow these rules.

How to cut a log in half without a chainsaw - best technique for you

Sometimes we need to cut a half log because we don't want to cut down the whole tree. Then what should we do? It is essential to know for us.

  • At first, you notice that the wood is lighter and softer or that the lower part of the trunk bulges or looks diseased, you need to be especially careful.
  • These are signs of rot, and therefore the wood fibers will be weaker. In this case, cut down the tree in the natural direction of fall.
  • Typically, decay begins at the top of the tree, so you can cut the tree down, leaving a half stump.
  • Before cutting down the half log, make sure the tree's bark is enough good condition.

This way makes you feel comfortable cutting down half logs quickly. You should follow this way if you want to cut down a half record of the trees.

How to cut big logs easily

Cutting down the small logs is very easy, but if you want to cut down big logs, it will not be easy. If you're going to cut big logs, then you need more workers to manage it. Besides, only a few types of equipment is not sufficient for cutting down big logs. Here are some tips from our experts:

  • You can choose from various felling tools to do your job. The tools required depend on the size of the tree.
  • For smaller trees, felling equipment is generally not required. But for a big log, you need sufficient equipment.
  • Manual force, possibly with the help of a long pole, is sufficient. The felling wedge ensures greater force than the various types of brake rods.
  • In extreme cases, a rope and winch can be used to ensure maximum safety. For more information on the different tools, read the in-depth study.

You can apply the same method for fallen trees. Sometimes we have got some questions like, how to cut a fallen tree without a chainsaw, then we will suggest you follow these ways.

How to cut a tree branch without a chainsaw quickly

If you need to cut the tree branch, then you have to know how to do it easily. Here are some points that help you to do it easily:

  • Take a stick and stretch your arm straight in front of you so that the length of the stick is equal to the distance between your eye and your hand.
  • Then hold it vertically to form a right triangle between your eye, hand and hand, and an upper end of the stick.
  • Facing the tree branch, stand in the distance where the tree appears to be the same height as the branch. If the tree is tilted, you will get a better result by measuring it from the side so that it is not tilted towards you or in the opposite direction.
  • The distance between you and the tree branch now corresponds to the height of the tree.

Final word

If you don't know how to cut logs without a chainsaw, this article will help you do it within an hour. Cutting down a tree is easy if you know how to do it professionally. But if you don't know, then don't do this work, otherwise, you will fall in danger. Our experts suggest that if you don't know how to do it without any chainsaw, then try to use a chainsaw. There is no reason to take any risk.

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