Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Professional Series Ultralight Pole Saw Review

Here comes a professional hand saw to get reviewed. It’s a pole saw from the reputed brand Silky. The saw is named Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series Ultralight Pole Saw. It has gained its fame among the professionals for the high-quality performance. The saw is the newest edition in professional saw series. This is a pole saw which means you are going to get the feature of reaching high branches. It can cut higher area branches that are up to 13 feet high.

As a result, the high limbs are not a thing to worry about now. The most important factor of this saw is the weight. It is an ultralight pole saw. The weight is about 3.4 pounds. You are going to face absolutely no problem while lifting and working with this pole saw. It comes with the slogan of professional use but home use is also available in the saw.

Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series Ultralight Pole Saw

Features of Professional Pole Saw

Sharp-edged Blade

Blade sharpness matters the most when you are cutting the branches. The more sharp blade, the faster and more accurately you can cut. This professional saw comes with a keen razor blade which is 13 inches. It contains 6.5 teeth per inch that make the blade an absolute winner. Cutting the limbs and branches with the razor ​blade will be super easy and comfy.

Safeguard For The User

This is a professional saw of the Silky brand. They have made it professional in every way possible. It is a champion even when it comes to the talk of user safety and comfort. The pole saw has a rubberized overgrip. It is there to provide the user a decent grip so that they are free from any type of burn. Moreover, the saw has a pole-end shock absorber for additional comfort and safety.

Super Lightweight

One of the best features of this professional series saw is the less weight. It is the most lightweight saw on the market undoubtedly if you compare it with similar items. The weight is only 3.8 pounds. There is no chance of waving or other issues with this weight. The ultralight feature will allow you to control the saw more comfortably. Even carrying the saw is not an issue if you get this Zubat series saw.

Locking Button

In this pole saw, you can use any kind of attachments. Attachment makes the saw heavy as they increase the weight of the saw. It becomes hard to control the saw when there are many attachments. Even sometimes there is even risk with many attachments. This is why the saw comes with locking buttons. They are spring-loaded. This feature will allow safety friction and multiple lengths too. The locking system holds the attachments in a secure place.


  • Profession series edition pole saw for the professional but also eligible for domestic use
  • Can be used for multipurpose work like trimming, pruning, forestry, lawn, garden and so on
  • Super lightweight pole saw which will provide comfort to the user during work with the saw
  • Sharp blade and the length is 330 mm which will cut the hardest branches with ease
  • Comes with lifetime limited warranty from the silky saws

Cons With Solution

Blade is dull when using the saw too much

Solution: The pole ultralight pole saw comes with a super sharp blade and the length of the blade is praiseworthy too. The blade can cut hard branches clearly. But after cutting many of the thick branches it may become dull. To avoid dullness, clean the saw blade every day after use. During the clean, follow the safety measures. You can also sharpen the blade with necessary tools when needed. Doing these things will help you to avoid the dull issue of the saw. Thus it will be easy for you to use this pole saw.

It is a little bit difficult to use the saw

Solution: According to some users, it’s kind of difficult to operate the saw. It’s not actually that much hard to use the saw but if you are facing difficulties, do some steps. Take help from the user manual. It’s a wise decision to know about the saw from the user manual. If still you are not satisfied, call the customer service center or email them. You can also know about the saw from watching a video or asking a question on Amazon. By doing these steps, you will not face difficulty anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the saw come with a pruner or saw head with the saw?
A: No, you are not going to get a saw head with this pole saw. Silky doesn’t make pruner head for this model of saw.

Q. Can I use this saw to trim the palm trees?
A: definitely, you can use the saw for palm trees. It will do the job pretty quickly and cleanly.

Q. How much height it can reach approximately?
A: The pole of the saw can reach up to 15 feet in your garden. A great saw for reaching the upper regions.

Q. Is the blade sharp enough for decent cuts?
A: The saw comes with a Razor blade which is sharp enough for great cutting performance. It also cuts very fast.

Q. What is the pole made of?
A: The extension pole comes with the saw is made of aluminum alloy. Very sturdy and lightweight.


Silky saws have a professional series where only professional grade saws are made. Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series Ultralight Pole Saw is the newest addition to the silky professional series. The pole saw is equipped with some exceptional features and qualities. As it is a professional saw, it’s normal to have some professional characteristics. The pole saw is not different at all. It comes with some majestic stuff. It’s superb lightweight. No matter who is using the saw, it will be very easy for him. Controlling the saw is also a simple task.

The pole of the saw is made of aluminum alloy which makes it durable even after heavy use. Moreover, the pole saw contains a razor blade which is sharp enough to cut faster. The hardest branches are nothing in front of this saw. Lastly, it has got a lot of options for user safety. If you have the budget, you should get this professional saw without any doubt.

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