Sun Joe 10 Inch Replacement Semi-Chisel Chain For SWJ803E/SWJ807E Review

10 inches chains are really powerful when you use it with a good saw. It can deliver impressive performance more than you think. Sun Joe 10 inch Replacement Semi-Chisel Chain for SWJ803E/SWJ807E is a chain that will be the best choice chain for your saw. If you have a decent saw, the chain will together provide some majestic kinds of stuff. This saw is made by the reputed brand which is Snow Joe/Sun Joe. They have added several useful features to this chain. The chain comes with precision cutting ability. It is a feature that helps you to cut the overhanging limbs. When you are constantly getting failed to cut branches of specific places, it will help you the most. With the precision cutting system, you will be able to cut branches of that area quickly. The chain comes with some more features too. Let’s see them from the review.

Sun Joe 10 inch Replacement Semi-Chisel Chain for SWJ803E/SWJ807E

Features Of Sun Joe Replacement Chain

10 Inches Chain

This is the famous 10-inch chain that can cut your unwanted branches faster than you think. Most of the saws come with the 8-inch chain. For the heavy tasks of a garden, you need the 10-inch chain. If you have a Sun Joe chainsaw/pole saw and you need to cut heavy branches or limbs, get this good quality chain for your saw. It will give amazing service regarding trimming.

Precision Ability

The chain comes with the precision feature. It is a feature which will allow you to cut branches where you want. There’s no need worry about cutting in the wrong direction. The chain is built in a way which makes room for you to get to your desired cutting place. It will trim those hidden branches with ease.

Cuts in Hard-chrome Way

The chain is capable of using in different Sun Joe pole saw/chainsaw models. After getting equipped with the saw, it will make the saw a beast as the chain delivers the performance of hard-chrome way. This will be the best choice for heavy tasks as the chain is 10 inch. Most of the gas powered saws have this chain. You can enjoy the hard cutting with this chain.

Extraordinary Cutter Design

Chain is an essential part of the saw. It’s the chain who makes the saw to run in a better way. Here the Sun Joe chain is definitely a good one. It has unique cutter design. The design will help you to cut limbs and logs smoothly. The chain is sharp-edged. So get ready to cut faster than ever. The user-friendly design will reduce the number of kickback.


  • Usable with the Sun Joe SWJ-10BAR that makes the saw a beast as it has got the deadly duo
  • Provides safety to the user by decreasing the kickback while cutting the upper branches
  • Cuts smoothly and tree branches with the famous unique cutter design
  • Fits different models of Sun Joe including SWJ803E and SWJ807E pole chainsaws
  • Lasts for a long time as the chain was made with the heat-treated method

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t provide equal performance as the original one

Solution: According to a user, the chain did not work like the original existing chain. Well, it’s not a problem. The chain provides the performance according to its power or ability. There should not be a complaint about this as the chain was not made for a specific saw. The Sun Joe chain was made for the SWJ803E and SWJ807E model. In that case, you will only get expected performance from this chain if you use it on those models. And when you are using the product on another saw, it’s normal not to get an equal performance like the original one. The original one was made for that specific model. On the other hand, this chain is made for some different models.

Chain comes off the saw

Solution: Another claim about the chain is it comes off the saw. As a result, users are unable to depend on the product. The chain coming off is a common issue. It happens because of the wrong placement or wrong install process. The chain might not be installed properly. To get rid of this problem, try to follow some steps. Recheck the chain. The connection of the chain should be done appropriately. The placement should be right. If it’s not in proper place, try to place the chain again. If the problem doesn’t get solved, reinstall the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the chain fall off regularly?
A: The chain does fall off but it’s not a constant issue. When you are not maintaining the chain and the placement has got loose then the chain falls off the bar.

Q. Does the saw weigh more after adding the chain?
A: Yes, the saw becomes a little bit more weighty after adding the chain. As the chain weighs 12.3 ounces, it’s normal to increase of weight. But obviously, it’s not too much.


Sometimes people need to cut down the unwanted branches in their garden urgently. It’s because a special guest is coming or there will be a party in the yard. If they do not have a quality saw with decent chain, they will fail to complete the task. In that case Sun Joe 10 inch Replacement Semi-Chisel Chain for SWJ803E/SWJ807E chain is needed. It’s highly recommended for such situations. As the chain has got an extraordinary length which is 10 inches, it can cut down hard to the hardest branches of your garden with easy. You do not have to be worried about the time. It also saves your time by cutting faster. Moreover, the chain has a unique design of cutter. It will help the saw to cut the branches more cleanly. The chain also reduces the dangers of a saw by limiting the kickback. Kickback is a dangerous thing that can happen to anyone. The chain decreases the number of kickback. Overall it’s a great product which is going to give proper value to your money.

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