Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw Fits Review

When you are buying a product, you should keep in mind that the product must be a safe one. It should be safe for you. About choosing the chains for chainsaws, you must follow the same instruction. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw fits is a chain which has not compromised about safety measures at all. The chain is super safe for its users. It comes with the advanced technologies. The technologies are given in the saw just for the safety of the user. It proves that the Snow Joe company indeed cares about their customers. You will get tough and sharp cuts too with this chain. The length of the chain is 8 inches. It’s a common length for a chain. That is why the chain is a much-needed product. People who are using the 8 inches saw will get benefit from the chain.

Sun Joe SWJ800E-63 Oregon 8-Inch Replacement Semi Chisel Pole Chainsaw

Features Of Sun Joe Semi Chisel Chain

8 Inch Semi Chisel Chain

The most used length chain on the market. It’s a semi-chisel chain which can satisfy you with its incredible performance. The chain can cut many of the thick branches with easy where most of the saws struggle while cutting the thick branches. But this semi chisel chain has not got that issue. It will cut thick branches properly. The operator doesn't have to suffer cutting the unneeded limbs.

​​​​Modern Technology

The chain comes with different advanced technologies. The technologies have been added to chain so that it can provide sharp and tough cuts to the branches of your garden. There are a lot of people who bought a chainsaw/pole saw just to cut the hardest branches their yard. But lack of good quality chain and advanced technologies, their chains are constantly failing to give decent performance. If you are one of these people, buy one piece of this chain. You will not regret after observing the cutting performance with advanced technologies.

Premium Build Quality

The chain is built with the premium materials. People know how much reliable Snow Joe company is. You can hardly find complaints about this brand. They have not changed while producing this chain too. It was made with good quality materials that make the saw a premium choice. It will provide satisfying service for a long time as it’s a durable chain.

​​​​Safety For The User

The safety measure is a very important point for every product. People trust product that is safe to use for them. This chain is really safe for the users. It was engineered considering the safety measures of the user. It’s a chain which you can rely on. Besides, it reduces numerous kickback while working with the saw. No matter in what saw you use the chain, it will be safe for you during work.


  • Comes with advanced technology to provide sharp and clear cuts to the tough limbs and branches
  • Made in a way to be safe while a user is working with the saw
  • Contains the unique cutter design which ensures the saw is cutting the branches smoothly
  • Reduces the kickback with the unique design which helps the user to be safe during work
  • Makes sure the durability with several features like hard-chrome cutter chain, precision cutting chain, heat-treated built

Cons With Solution

Adds some weights to the saw

Solution: The Sun Joe chain is a latest decent chain from the manufacturer Snow Joe. Some of the users have complained about this saw. The complain is it makes the saw weighty after getting added to it. The weight of this chain is 0.26 pounds only. It should not add weight to chain because you can see the weight is too low for this chain. Maybe some other parts are increasing the weight of your saw. In that situation, check every part individually. It will help you to understand their placement. Check the pole saw/chainsaw manual. See if every part is placed in its suitable place. If not, take that part to the appropriate position. It matters a lot for every part of the saw to be in its place. If they are in their place, the saw will not get weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it a good replacement to buy?
A: Obviously it is a nice replacement chain. It has got numerous qualities like hard-chrome cutter chain. It helps to cut more accurately and efficiently.

Q. What is the length of branches it can cut?
A: The chain is actually best for the small branches. It can cut them clearly. Branches up to 4 inches thick is the best length to cut for this chain.

Q. Is the gum part hard for this chain to cut? Will it get stuck there?
A: The gummed part of a tree is not a problem for this chain at all. It does the job pretty well by cutting through them properly. There is no issue like getting stuck in the middle of sawing job.


Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw fits is a very nice and sharp cutting chain. It will definitely satisfy the user with its superb design, finishing and build quality. The chain is compatible with numerous chainsaw as well as pole saws. The saws should be from Snow Joe/Sun Joe company. It will fit perfectly in those saws including Sun Joe SWJ802E, SWJ800E & ION8PS. The saw comes after passing the heat-treating method. So you must have got the idea how much durable and reliable saw it is. If your existing chain ever drops off, it will be the wise decision to buy this semi-chisel chain. It is made to be the hard-chrome cutter chain. The branches of your garden will fall in front of this chain. Because it will boost the saw to provide most power to cut those ugly branches. The Amazon rating of this chain is another plus point. It has got 4.8 rating out of 5 on Amazon. Therefore, you can buy it with no doubt about the quality of this chain.

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