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The Ultimate Guide To Chainsaw Chain Direction

A chainsaw is one of the most widely used power tools in the world. So, owning a chainsaw may seem cool stuff, but I must tell you that, in every year around 36,000 people treated because of chainsaw related injuries. I have no intention to frighten you. But I want you to become more conscious about using this power tool, and one of the consciousness could be knowing the chainsaw chain direction.

If you have recently replaced a chainsaw chain, then it is crucial to know whether you have done it correctly or not. Because if you Install chainsaw chain wrong, then you won’t get the premium service from it.

If you are a regular chainsaw user, then you must know the problems of installing the chain in the wrong direction. But here I am writing it again so that the beginners realize it as well. As the cutting teeth of the blade are meant to cut the woods in only one direction. So, installing it in reverse, you will only damage the tool. Some common problems of wrong chainsaw chain direction.

  • You need to put pressure to cut the woods with the dull edges and as a result, the lifetime of the motor will decrease gradually.
  • You will set a considerable amount of stress on the guide bar since the chain is being forced into the wood.
  • It will damage the chain links.
  • It will be a waste of good bar oil.

I hope after reading this article, you can clear the confusion of chain direction. I am also writing some other chainsaw maintenance information that every chainsaw user must know.

When will you replace the chainsaw chain

In order to get a premium service from your chainsaw, you need to maintain your tool after a certain period of time. You need to sharpen the chainsaw blade weakly though you may have to replace some parts and Chainsaw chain is one of them. It is the most exposed part of the tool, and it has to go through a lot. As after all of this, if you want your chainsaw efficiently run in 90 feet/seconds, then you should change it regularly. But you may ask When will you replace the chainsaw chain?

Whenever you feel that your chainsaw is not performing the same way as it was performing a week earlier. When the blade becomes dull, you will see the teeth stuck in the wood or generally those limbs which take 30 to 40 seconds to cut down, and it will take twice time. Besides working with a dull blade is painful, and you have to push hard to make the job done. When you are working with a sharp chain, you will see it's cutting the tree smoothly.

However, if you cut a bunch of dirty wood, there is a high chance that the chain will hit with a rock of something hard. In that time, one or two teeth can break. If the teeth are compromised, then you won't get a premium chainsaw cutting service. So, whenever you are sharpening the chainsaw teeth, don't forget to inspect the chainsaw teeth's.

No matter how carefully you use the chainsaw, after a particular time, it will be at the end of the lifetime. Generally, every 3 to 5 sharpening, you need to change the chain. Now it depends on you, how often you use the chainsaw. On the other hand, if you see your chainsaw is smoking when in use, and the usual causes would be damaged the chain. If you see such an issue, then its high time that you need to change the chainsaw chain.

How to Make Sure that your chainsaw Chain Direction is right

If you are using a chainsaw, then you need to use it in the right direction. Otherwise, you won't get the benefit of using the tool besides its risky also. But how to make sure you've got the correct chain direction? If you are a beginner, then it may seem a little bit confusing, but I hope after reading this article, your confusion will be cleared.

Inspect the top of the chainsaw

If you check the Chainsaw chain chart from the top, you will see there are two different types of blades present in the chain. Among the two blades, one of them is sharp while the other one is dull. A chainsaw blade rotates from the clockwise direction.

No matter which model of chainsaw you have, the common part of the chain is, the sharp edges of the blade should face the clockwise direction. However, if you look from the top of the tool, you will notice that sharp edges are facing in the opposite direction of the tool's body.

Inspect the bottom of the chainsaw

I guess you already know that the bottom view will the opposite of the top view. In other words, if the Chainsaw chain replacement direction is right, then you will be inspecting the bottom that it's facing towards the engine or the body. The sharp edges will always rotate from the clockwise direction.

How to Make a Chainsaw Blade Run in the Right Direction?

After installing the chain if you face Chainsaw problems cutting and you install the chainsaw in the wrong direction, then don't panic. You can quickly fix the issue by spending a few minutes. Just follow the three simple steps, and you will be able to put the chain in the right direction.

The first thing you need to do is to attach the bar with the chain. In order to do that, you have to remove the bolt. These are quite simple and that why I am not describing it. Now attach it to the exact place and adjust the bar. Now put the chain on the bar.

Secondly, you need to check whether you put the chain in the right direction or not. I have already mentioned how to check the chain direction.

Lastly, just tighten the chain, and you are good to go. If you Understanding chainsaw chains, then you will find these tasks pretty simple.

How to find the accurate replacement chain for your chainsaw?

Every power tool requires some parts to replace regularly; otherwise, you may not get the premium service from it. But many of us find it challenging to find the correct replacement chain. Actually, it’s quite simple and you can find the exact replacement quite easily if you consider these before buying a new chain.

Pitch: Its size depends on the chainsaw you are using. If you operate a heavy chainsaw, then you will have a large pitch. It is basically the average distance between any two repeated chain links. So, before buying a new chain, make sure it has the exact pitch. Some most commonly used chainsaw pitch are ¼”, 0.325”, 3/8”, 3/8” low profile (Pico), and 0.404”.

Gauge: It is the measurement of the depth of the groove is on a guide bar. Higher gauge means the heavy chains. Some standard gauge sizes are- 0.043”, 0.050”, 0.058”, and 0.063”.

Drive link count: It is the number of drive links on the chain. It gives you information about how long is the chain and its going to fit in your bar or not.

These are some standard information which will help you to find your ideal replacement of the chain. All this information is printed in the chain packet. So, when you buy a cordless chainsaw, make sure to make a note about the pitch size, gauge, and drive link count.

Why does chain keep coming off chainsaw?

When you are cutting a big tree or doing some work with your chainsaw, then it's really irritating if the chain comes out. It may occur for various reasons, but one of the most common problems are worn glide bar or if the chain's tension is loose. However, working with a damaged glide bar or chain is dangerous, and it can cause serious injuries.

Worn glide bar

Working with a shabby glide bar is dangerous because of its outer edges. In order to inspect the glide bar, you need to separate it from the body and check carefully. The rails around the border of the bar should be clear of any debris, and if you find the glide bar damaged because of any reason, then you need to replace it.

Chainsaw chain

If you are working with a damaged chainsaw, then there is a huge possibility that it could come out while working with it. The chains may also break if they are already damaged and you are working with them for hours. I have mentioned earlier that, after sharping for 3 or 4 times, you need to replace the chains. I think you already know about replacing chain on chainsaw. You also need to check the chains whether they have enough oil on it or not.


If you see the chainsaw chain is quite loose, then the chains might come out. It's quite dangerous as the edges are quite sharp and rotate in 90-feet per seconds. Always check the tension in every 20 minutes because while cutting woods, the chains fell a tremendous amount of pressure. So, it's obvious, if the chains lose while cutting.

Why do chainsaw chains stretch?

As you need to adjust the tension of the chains, then you might think can a chainsaw chain stretch? The answer is, yes they can. While cutting the wood, each time you use the chainsaw, the chains stretch a bit. Now, after using a while, they slowly increase the length of the chain. If you know How to measure a chain? If yes, then you can see it by yourself. However, while cutting the woods, they generate a massive amount of heat while also put an effect on the stretch.

How do I tighten the chain?

If you are a regular chainsaw user, then you might have noticed that, after using a couple of time, the chain loses and begin to sag away from the bar. If you ignore this problem, then I must tell you that it can cause you serious injuries. But not all the chainsaw has the same tightening procedure as some modern chainsaw has an automatic tightening procedure. But this technique should work for most of the chainsaw.

First: Loosen the nuts which are located on the Guide Bar Side Panel. It will give the guide bar and chain the necessary room to adjust. But don’t forget to unlock the brake before removing the side panel as in some chainsaw the brakes are directly attached with the side panel.

Secondly: you need to adjust the tension of the chainsaw blade with a screwdriver.

Lastly: tighten the Guide Bar Side Panel Nuts. It is a simple procedure, and I don’t think you should face any difficulty with it.

Final Verdict

A chainsaw is one of the widely used power tools in the world. You can cut a tree limb in a single minute with the help of this tool. But if you don’t maintain the chainsaw or if the Chainsaw chain direction is wrong, then it won’t cut the tree with its dull edges. It not only causes serious injuries, but also it will damage the chainsaw. So, if you are a beginner, then you should know the direction of the tool. If you have any confusion about the article, then reread it. But knowing the direction of the chain or fixing the chainsaw chain tension is vital because these are some basic knowledge about the chainsaw.

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