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Learn How to Tighten Chain on Electric Chainsaw Safely

When it comes to using a chainsaw, you should be extremely cautious and careful since there’s a lot of blade engagement going on here. Here safe operation should be one of your major concerns to ponder on. And one common issue that brings a lot of hassle later is having an improperly adjusted chain.

That’s why you need to learn how to tighten chain on electric chainsaw and keep those troubles out of your equation. Today let’s get that thing sorted.

Here’s Everything About Tightening Chain on Electric Chainsaw

The unavoidable truth about an electric chainsaw chain is that no matter what you do, the thing will become stretched and loose at some point. If you use the chainsaw too frequent, then the event will come across sooner. And those who use it not very regularly may face the situation a little later. However, it’s ought to happen. The good news is its tightening process is very basic and even novice users can make it work easily.

Before Staring

We already know things are dangerous with chainsaw even if the process is simple. So, make sure you do a few things to keep things under control. First of all, you need to ensure that the chainsaw is out of any electrical plug. It needs to be enabled of turning on while you’re working with the tensioning process. Most accidents take place because of this silly mistake of being overconfident that nothing would happen and leaving it plugged.

The next thing you need to consider is working only when the chainsaw is completely cool. If you just used it, then wait for a while. You cannot tighten a chainsaw that is still hot from recent activity. The hot saw chain is usually prone to deformation if you start stretching it.

And finally, make sure you wear some heavy-duty gloves that are safe with chain blade contact.

Chain on Electric Chainsaw

Locate the Tension Screw

Electric chainsaws are available from different brands. One model might not entirely match with another even if they function quite the same. For this very reason, the location of tension screw can be in various places depending on which model you own. However, the most common locations should help you. There are three spots where your chainsaw’s tension screw is most probably located.

First of all, it could be on the front panel. Check on your bar guide’s right side. In some cases, it could also be on the bucking spikes left side. If you can’t see the screw here then move onto side panel. The tension screw that stays here is usually located right between guide bar holding bolts.

And last most common spot is the integrated tension system. In case you have a modern easy built-in-tension system included chainsaw, this spot can have a handle you’re looking for. Instead of a screw, these models help with tensioning using that handle specifically.

Using the Right Tool

When novices think about how to tighten chain on electric chainsaw, the proper tool may not instantly come to their mind. However, this matter also has a direct connection with what model you own. Those who own an in-built tension system, don’t even need a tool in the first place.

A wrench is usually the most common and accessible tool for adjusting tension. Go for a socket wrench specifically. The adjustable ones will also work. In some cases, your model may also require the tools that are a combination of wrench and screwdriver.

Also, very rarely manufacturer does not include these tensioning tools along with the chainsaw. However, if you are dealing with a rented chainsaw and need something for the spot fix, then definitely go buy a suitable tension tool from a local store.

Tightening the Chain

By now, you already should have the idea of where your tension screw is located. So, let’s begin the tensioning process. First of all, you need to loosen the bolt on side panel. You need to unbolt the nut from guide bar. Then you should have enough room to easily adjust the chain. Some chainsaw comes with brake attachment on the side panel. In that case, you need to get rid of the side panel and unlock it first.

Then you need to focus on adjusting the tension screw that was located earlier. By tightening this screw, you can easily fix the loose chain issue. In case you have overtightened, then simply loosen it a bit by rotating the screw opposite direction.

You can adjust according to the circumstances. Just make sure the tension is right. Once you are done, get the bolts of guide bar side panel tightened. There can be malfunctioning issues. So, try to work by lifting the chainsaw’s nose. The models that don’t have a screw are easier to tension. You need to use the handle and rotate it for reducing any chain slack.

Test If the Tension is Right.

You need to check if the tension is correct after this process. If chain seems to be resting on guide bar in a little loose manner and at the same time, it's tight enough to avoid any drive links pulling off bar nose, then tension is proper.

However, if you try to pull the chain to make it leave guide bar and as a result, drive links start to disengage, then your attempt was unsuccessful. You need to adjust the chain once again. The same goes for when you find out that chain is a little too much tight.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to tighten chain on electric chainsaw. If keeping the tool in a good condition for a long time is what you’re wishing for, then there’s no way you can skip these fixing habits. There will be ups and downs with using these types of power tools. However, if you know some basic troubleshooting, then things won’t bother your work too much.