The Ultimate Secret Of How To Cut Trees With A Chainsaw

Trees are a blessing in this world, and it could bring huge benefits to you if you have a large tree in your back yard. But sometime you may find it necessary to cut down the tree. You may have plenty of reasons. They are maybe dead, too big or damaged by wind, fire, and lightning. In that case, cutting down the tree is a safe way to avoid any accident. Now, as a chainsaw is one of the most widely used power tools in the world, I am guessing that you will use it to get rid of the dead tree. But How to cut trees with a chainsaw?

If you have done it before, then you might find it an easy task. But there are plenty of people out there who don't have any experience of Cutting logs without a chainsaw. So, they might need some suggestion if they are planning about cutting a large tree.

But before you read the whole article, I should tell you that, cutting a tree is not rocket science that, you will need years of tanning and planning. But it's a dangerous job and if you don't feel comfortable, but hire a professional. There is no shame in hiring an expert on this job.

Safety comes first

As I have mentioned earlier that, cutting down a tree is a dangerous task, and if you don't follow the proper Protection gears, then it might cause you life-changing injuries. Some necessary safety gears like durable helmet, hand gloves, eye protection glass, Steel-toed leather boots with high ankle support, etc. You should carry a medical kit in case of emergency.

These are some of the essential equipment's that you will need if you are using a chainsaw. Also, it's safe to work with someone. So, if anything wrong happens, then your partner can arrange help for you.

Double-check the cutting equipment's

Before you start your cutting task, make sure that your cutting equipment’s are sharp and perfect. If your chainsaw blade is not sharpening enough, then you need to make it sharp. As working with a dull blade will damage the chainsaw. On the other hand, make sure that, if it's an electric chainsaw, then you are working with a fully charged battery. If it's a petrol or gas-powered tool, then don't forget to full the fuel tank.

You should also regularly maintain your chainsaw, which will increase the lifetime of the tool. Maintaining your power tool is a smart move, and it's not a difficult job. But if you want, you can take help from a professional.

How to cut trees with a chainsaw- Step by step guide

Here I am writing step by step guideline, which will help you to cut down the trees without any accidents.

Analyze the job

Before you begin cutting, make sure that you are comfortable with this job. Measure the diameter and height of the tree and if you feel that it's too big for you, then drop the idea about cutting it on your own and hire a professional. You also need to make sure that you do have the right tool for this job. Most of the electric-powered chainsaw is not suitable for more than 10-inch diameter tree. But now some of them have 18-inch Chainsaw long blade and 15 amp motors. But if you have a gas-powered chainsaw, then usually you should have enough power to cut down a tree. But these are quite heavy and make sure that you are comfortable to lift those.

On the other hand, measure the height of the tree and make sure that it's not going to fall into your car or your neighbor's area. If you don't have enough space to cut down the tree, then you need to hire a professional. They use different tree cutting techniques, which reduces the need for more space. You may also need to take permission from the government about cut down a tree.

Clear the area

To avoid any accident, you need to clear the area. Make sure that no pet or children enter in your working area. Also, show a danger sign in the surrounding area. It is better to work with someone so that they can keep an eye on the surrounding so that no one enters your working zone.

Prepare the tree

You can't just cut the tree from the bottom. It's a step by step process. Otherwise, it may cause an accident. First of all, Prune the smaller branches of the tree so that, when you cut down the whole tree it won't cause any problem. In that case, you may need the help of your pole saw.

Secondly, you need to determine which direction your tree is going to fall and make sure the area is clear.

Plan your escape path

You need a plan an escape path before you plan the falling direction. The escape path should be 45-degree angle with the tree falling direction. If any stone or anything is on your escape path, then don't forget to clean it. Never plan your escape route opposite of the falling way. Because if things didn't go as planned, then it might cause serious injuries.

Select your cutting spot

If you are planning to cut a tree, you need to cut it in three places. Among the three cuts, one will be on the back, and two of them will be in front. In some reasons, then the front cut is also known as the notch cut. It must be made where you are planning to fall the tree. If you don’t know How to fell a tree in the direction you want, then the answer is, the notch cut. There are mainly three types of cut, and those are:

Open-faced: Among the other cuts, it is considered as the safest notch. Here this has a wide notch of around 90 degrees and a back cut even with the notched corner.

Conventional: In this cutting method, there is an angled uppercut and a flat bottom cut, making a 45-degree angle. The back cut should be 1 inch upper than the bottom cut.

Humbolt: Here, you need to create a 45-degree angle with the flat cut. The back cut should be 1 inch upper than the front cut.

Never make the notch standing on the front of the tree and always cut it standing from one side. It will reduce the chance of injury.

Make your Notch Cut

First, stand in a position where you will find plenty of room to make the notch. Start with the uppercut of the face notch. For example, if you select the Open-faced notch, then you need to make a 90-degree angle with the flat cut. Don't stop until you reach the 1/4 to 1/3 of the trunk's diameter. Once you have successfully done the top cut, then do the bottom cut. Don't stop cutting until you reach the endpoint of the top cut.

Make your Back Cut

You need to make the back cut from the opposite side of the face notch, and it separates the tree from the root. Always begin the cutting task from one side of the tree, which will help you to maintain the angel. Don't cut the back part too fast, and do it slow and steady. Need to stop the back cut around 2 inches from the face notch's inner angle.

After making the back cut, the tree will slowly fall on the allocated area. In the meantime, don't run on the opposite side of the falling route. You need to quickly position yourself for 20 feet away from the trunk by using the escape route.

Removing a Tree Stump with a Chainsaw

Removing tree stumps is not a difficult task, and once you cut down the tree, you need to do it to complete the task. Your chainsaw can make the job much more comfortable, but you will need some other hand tools as well. The most important tool could be the Shovel and Digging bars and Ax for this job.

First, you need to cut the stump as deep as possible. It won’t be a difficult job, and if you can cut a tree, then you can do it quite easily. Then comes the second phase, and it’s all about completely removing the root. You can use the Shovel to expose the roots and cut them with the chainsaw. If it’s a small tree, then you may need to use the Ax. If it’s a large tree, then you might need someone to carry the stumps and roots.

After cutting the whole tree and removing the roots, you need to level the ground. You can grow some flower over there, which will increase the beauty of your backyard. You can use the stumps to make firewood.

Cutting down a tree into small pieces

After successfully fall the tree in the desired location, you need to make it into pieces. If you don’t know how to cut large logs with a chainsaw, then you can take help from a Cutting down trees videos. But in my experience, you should stand cutting from the bottom of the tree. First, clear all the logs with the chainsaw, which will make the job simple for you. You can use this wood to make Firewood chainsaw.

While cutting the trunks, you don’t need to put extra pressure in the chainsaw. Let the chainsaw dot its job, and all you need to do is holding it. Carrying the wood could be a ton of hard work. In that case, you can definitely use an extra hand. You can use carts to move the block of woods. I hope now you have a clear idea about how to cut with a chainsaw and how you will move the block of woods.

How to cut a Leaning Tree Down with a Chainsaw

A tree could be leaning down for several reasons, and one of them could be caused by wind, or it's not healthy anymore. But no matter what the reason, if you feel that, it's not safe for your family, then its best to cut it down. But the one thing everyone suffers from a leaning tree is, controlling its falling direction. Cutting it may cause your damage to your home and property.

That's why, to avoid any damage or injury, I suggest you take help from professional tree cutters. They use ropes to change the falling direction and prevent any causalities. It may seem easy, but you may find it difficult. That's why I recommend you to take expert help in these cases.

Rotten or Dead Trees

If you have a rotten or dead tree in your yard, then cut it as soon as possible. Because it could fall into someone anytime. But how will you understand that it’s a rotten tree? Actually, it’s not so difficult. If the tree trunk looks discolored, feels soft, or seems abnormal in any other way, then the tree might be rotten from the inside. Cutting rotten or dead trees are not so simple as the standard healthy tree. That’s why I don’t recommend you to cut it on your own. You can hire a professional or take help from someone who has experience with cutting rotten trees.

Final Verdict

I tried to cover all the steps that you need to follow if you made your mind about cutting a tree on your own. It is not a difficult task, and you can easily do it without any injury if you follow the safety procedure. If you don’t follow the safety procedure strictly, then it might cause you a life-changing injury.

If you have any confusion about how to cut down a small tree? Then I want to tell you that you can also cut it on the same method. If it if less than 10 inches diameter, then you can easily cut it by an electrical chainsaw.

I hope after reading this article, you won’t have any confusion about how to cut trees with a chainsaw. If you think it’s a lot of hard work, and it would be tough for you to do the job alone, then call your friends or family and take their help. You actually have to do a ton of work, if you plan to cut a large tree on your own.

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