Worx WG309 Electric 10-inch Replacement Chain Review

The chain is a must when you want to run the saw. The chainsaw needs the chain to power up and cut. If you do not have a good chain, you will suffer during operation for sure. So you need a decent quality chain to get maximum performance of a saw. Worx company is making some chains in recent days. They are making chains especially for their product. Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw 10-inch Replacement Chain is yet another good quality chain from them. The chain has many features like its great performance. It doesn’t compromise at all while cutting through the branches. It cuts the branches cleanly with its 10 inches length. This replacement chain is also a durable one. It will keep delivering you top notch services years after years. So you don’t have you think about the durability when you get this model of the chain.

Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw 10-inch Replacement Chain

Features Of Worx Wg309 Replacement Chain

Easy Maintenance

The most painful job of a chainsaw/pole saw user is the maintenance of the machine. Without proper maintenance, the saw doesn’t provide quality service. After buying it, you have to clean it, oil it and do other things for maintenance on a regular basis. But in this chain’s case, it’s different from others. The chain doesn’t need much care. It needs a little bit maintenance from the user which can be done with taking no pain at all.

Superb Performance

The chain is guaranteed to provide excellent performance regularly. It comes with the twin cutting corners that offer tremendous performance during your gardening works. The chain will allow the saw to cut those high reach branches and ground level limbs accurately. If you want to clean your garden like a pro, get this chain. This is a beast chain from the brand Worx. It will help you to trim branches like a pro.


The chain is made to be durable. It was built with quality materials that ensure the sustainability. Even after the regular use of it, the chain will still provide the same performance as it was giving in the past. Most of the chains are not durable. There are even cases where chain broke in the middle of the work. This is not going to happen with the saw because it’s a durable one.

Replacement of Worx Saw

The chain is the genuine replacement of the saw named Worx WG309 from Worx. You don’t need to take the wrong replacement of the product by going your nearest shops. You can buy a single piece of this chain. Worx has made the chain considering the Worx WG309 product. If you have the saw and you need a replacement, purchase this one without any confusion.


  • Trims the branches and limbs of garden like a professional machine
  • Provide excellent cuts to the hardest branches of garden with incredible cutting ability
  • Comes with the cutters' twin cutting system which makes sure the durability of the chain
  • Allows easy and effortless maintenance with the twin cutting corners
  • Replaces the Worx WG309 chain perfectly as it is the exact genuine product from Worx

Cons With Solution

Too long chain for the 10 inches saw

Solution: The length of the chain is more than 20 inches according to a user. He claimed that the chain cannot be used in the saws which have 10 inches chain. This is a new chain from the famous Worx company. It comes with the twin cutting corner which is a unique feature. But the problem of the saw is it’s too lengthy. The chain is too long to get fitted into the traditional saws of 10 inches. So the users of 10 inches chainsaw should not use this product. It is not ideal for them. They should get another replacement chain for their product.

The chain contains dullness

Solution: Several users have said that the chain has dullness. It doesn’t cut properly through the small limbs which are quite surprising. If you suffer from the dullness of a chain, you should sharpen it. Sharpening is the best solution for the chains who have the problem of dullness. By sharpening process, your chain will get enough sharpness and it will allow the chain to cut through limbs accurately. Therefore, in this situation sharpening the chain will be the best decision for your chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size of the file is needed while doing the sharpening process?
A: The size of the file should be 5/32. With this length of the file, you can sharpen the chain properly after it gets dull.

Q. How to install the chain?
A: To know how to install it properly, check the user manual for your chainsaw. It should come along with the product. By following the steps you can install the chain. The process is quite easy.

Q. Is the saw worth buying?
A: Of course the money worth it. If you have a Worx 10 inches pole saw, it will be best for you as the chain has lots of features to offer. So the price is reasonable.


Worx has been making the quality product since the beginning of their journey in this field. They have made some high-quality pole saw and chainsaws as well which has got the champion crown on the market. Now they have started producing the chains. Quality has not changed in the field of making chains too. They are making some quality chains in recent times. Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw 10-inch Replacement Chain is one of the best examples of their well-built chain. The chain got the length of 10 inches which is the best selling chain length on the market at the present time. It will be a suitable fit for the saw from Worx called Worx WG309. If you have this model saw, go for the chain as it has got lots of nice features like the durability one. You can trust the chain. It’s not an issue at all if you don’t have trust on it because it will earn your trust with its durable feature. Overall it’s a very good choice to buy for your saw.

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