How To Use A Pole Saw And Cutting Techniques

Pole saw is an incredible tool which is widely used to cut tree branches. But if you are a beginner, then using this tool could be a scary task for you. But trust me, learning tree pole saw is not rocket science that you will need months of Pole Saw Training. If you know How to Use a Pole Saw, then you will also find it really simple.

What is Pole saw?

It is a garden tool which is basically a saw at the end of a pole. It could be operated by a different power source such as petrol, gas powered, or electric battery. There is also another saw which are manual and does not connect to any power source. These are mainly used to cut thin branches of trees or picking fruits.

Some techniques about cutting with a long pole saw: Smart way is the efficient way

Trimming and pruning branches is an ideal way to give the shape of the tree or grow healthy fruit. The dormant season is the best time for cutting and pruning. However, you should obviously learn some techniques about the Pole Chain Saw.

Firstly, you should know that you should always start cutting the trees by standing on the opposite side of the tree. Now after turning on the saw weight for some moment so that the pole saw can get to its maximum speed. Now start cutting on one side of the trunk instead cutting it on back and forth.

Select a point which is 6 inches away from the trunks and start cutting ¼ part of the branch then move the saw and go for a second cut above the limb. The cuts should be made at the height speed of the saw. Try to avoid the thick branches because these could overload the motor.

Some tips about How to Use a Pole Saw

Here are some simple steps to know the use of this amazing tool and by following these simple steps, I hope you will find your answer about How to Use a Pole Chain Saw.

Selecting the ideal pole saw

There are different types of pole saw available in the market, and you have to pick your saw after analyzing the tree height, shape, branch thickness, etc. A pole saw can be powered by a different power source like gas or petrol powered, electric powered or manual. You may think what is the best pole saw? Then my answer is, it depends on what type of tree you are planning to cut. The electric power pole saw is much lighter than the petrol powered saw.

Safety Comes First

Before starting your job, put all the necessary safety equipment’s. Your initial concern should be how to use a pole saw safely because any accident could Couse you life-changing injury, Wear a durable helmet to protect your head from an accident. The gloves ensure perfect grip and also protects your hand. Long pants will protect you from the flaying derbies, and the metal cap boot will protect you from the fallen twigs. You should also wear goggles to protect your eyes.

Clear the area

You should clear the area you are planning work. There should include a restricted area with a radius of 50 feet around you. It will be a better option if you have someone who will stop people from entering your working area. A small branch of a tree may seem harmless, but it could be a reason for a life-changing accident. So, be very careful about that and also don’t work under the limbs.

Start cutting from the bottom

In most cases, people start cutting the branches from the middle of the top branches. But in my suggestion, try the “V” cut. For that, you have to start cutting the tree beneath from one angle and then revise the route to get a “V” cut. In my suggestion, start working from the bark layer until you reach into the wood. It's undoubtedly the best practice because here, the gravity will do the rest of the work.

Get into a position

Get yourself into a position where you can cut the branches from the opposite side, so they fall safely. Make sure that you stand on solid ground, and the mud is not slippery. Also, move any small rocks around you. Keep an eye on the branches you are cutting and follow their falling path.

Start Cutting the branches

As I mentioned earlier, always cut the branches while your tool is in its maximum speed. Cut each of the branches in three to four cuts. Always take a gap between those cuts. Keep in mind that, cutting with your saw, it gives a kickback. Be careful about handling it; otherwise, it can cause you significant damages. Don’t give to pressure and let gravity do its job. Don’t go for the branches which are thicker than 9 inches and you can use ropes to reduce the branches fallen speed.

Some of you may ask, how do you cut a broken tree branch? Then you can apply the same procedure. But if you want to give your tree a custom cutting, then I suggest you take help from a professional. Because for the beginners, it might be a tough job.

Finish your work

Finally, you should cut the fallen branches into small cuts. It will help you to transport them. Don’t just leave them in the ground. Clean the area and keep all the woods in one place where you can use them later.

Final Verdict

Using it is not such a difficult job, and anyone can use it with a little bit of practice. It may seem a tough task for the beginners, but with this guideline, I hope you will be able to cut your tree branches on your own and save a lot of money. I hope now you understand How to Use a Pole Saw.

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