Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil Review

The chainsaw users always give priority to Oregon product. Because it has earned its fame in the industry of chainsaw and pole saw parts as well as oil of these machines. They have a famous bar and chain oil which is Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil. You know very well how much valuable the bar and chain oil is. It helps to lubricate the chain. If the chain and bar are not adequately lubricated, the chain might break down; the bar might drop off. So there is a good connection between the oil and the chain & bar. The demand for bar and chain oil is increasing day by day. Behind this demand, there are a lot of users who are desperately seeking a chain oil with decent quality. Here we have got the best bar and chain oil from the Oregon. The oil has so many features with it. One of them is the low friction feature. It helps to decrease the friction of saw.


Features of Oregon chainsaw bars

Allows Maximum Engine Power

Several people are suffering from the problem of engine power. Though they have bought a professional saw or a saw with so many qualities, the engine is not delivering enough power as expected. This means you have a problem with the oil you are supplying to the saw. Stop using that oil and buy this Oregon oil. You will get back the power you want from the engine after using this oil.

Decreases Friction

The oil helps to reduce the frictions of a chainsaw or pole saw. In a saw, different type of frictions occurs when you are using the saw. It happens due to various reasons. If you use a wrong oil for the saw, it will be another reason for frictions. This saw reduces the friction. By decreasing it, the oil makes the saw last for a long time.

Protects the Saw

Another marvelous quality of this oil is, it will save your saw from numerous troubles. The oil contains high film strength. This is quite famous for preventing the saw from different damages. Moreover, you will feel comfortable with the saw when there will be no damage. The oil saves the saw from damages like wear and scuffing of chain link. It also prevents bar scuffing while protecting the metal from corrosion.

Rust and Pitch Resistance

The oil is popular for its resistance feature. It can resist several waste materials that are harmful to the saw. By applying this oil to your saw, it will protect the saw. After a lot of use the saw, there might build up some kind of deposits including gum, sap or pitch. But when you are using the oil, the body of the saw oil remains free from this type of problems.


  • Enables the engine to deliver its maximum power during work
  • Reduces the friction and thus allows every part of work according to requirements
  • Helps the chain and bar to cuts faster than before
  • Prevents the chain and bar from deposits like pitch, sap or gum
  • Helps to prevent throw off no matter if the weather is in adverse condition or not

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t work with Remington 12 amp electric chainsaw

Solution: As the manufacturer has said, you can use this oil on most of the saws of Remington brand. But a user has launched a complaint against the bar and chain oil that it doesn’t work on Remington 12 amp electric chainsaw model. The bar and chain oil are made for the reputed brands. It should work on them. Even this kind of standard oil works with most of the chainsaws and pole saw as well. There can be much reason why the oil is not working. The bar and chain of Remington 12 amp model saw wants different oil, not this one. As the 12 amp motor powers the saw, it means the chain and bar are different from other saws which come with 8 or 10-ampere motor. But the oil is for the 8 amp motor. This could be the reason why the oil is not working on the Remington saw. In that case, you should get another oil which will work on the model. For Remington 12 amp electric saw, use the SAE30W oil. According to the user manual, this is the most suitable oil for this electric chainsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it a vegetable-based oil?
A: No, it’s not a vegetable oil at all. It’s a petroleum oil which provides good performance.

Q. Can I use the oil on the electric chainsaws?
A: Yes, you can use it on electric chainsaw or pole saw. It will lubricate the chain and bar properly.

Q. Will this oil work on the Sun Joe pole saws?
A: Yes, it will work quite well for them. It’s a premium quality oil from the Oregon. It will work on most of the reputed brand saws.


The bar and chain oil is a kind of oil which has too many demands. It’s because a standard bar and oil are usable in all type of pole saw/chainsaw. It’s not easy to get a good quality of the oil. If you are facing confusion constantly, purchase Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil from the Oregon. They have made a magnificent oil in this case. It can be used in all type of chain and bars that need the standard bar and chain oil. The oil can power up the engine of your existing chainsaw.

Many of the people own saws but those saws are old. It’s not possible for those saws to cut like a new one or the one it used to be. If you have this kind of situation, just purchase one piece of this oil bottle. By applying regularly, the oil will start to power up your saw. It will help your saw to deliver its maximum power. Overall it’s an excellent oil to buy.

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