Oregon 8-Inch Micro Lite Chain Saw Chain Fits Poulan, Remington R34 Review

People use the low-medium powered saws more than the high powered ones. It’s because the low/medium powered saws need less electricity, energy, maintenance and money. As the production and sale of the low powered saws are very high, there are many replacement parts available on the market and online too. A user must get confused which chain he should buy when his chain has stopped working. Oregon has brought a microlite chain for these users. The chain is Oregon 8-Inch Micro Lite Chain Saw Chain Fits Poulan, Remington R34. It is a lightweight chain. The chain is not going to increase the weight of your saw. The size is small too. It will need a little space inside your chainsaw or pole saw. The chain of Oregon comes with many different features. The cutting system of this chain has .043" gauge narrow kerf. It increases the efficiency while cutting. Let’s know more about this superb chain.

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain Fits Poulan

Features of Oregon chainsaw bar and chain

UL Classified Chain

UL is an organization that ensures the quality of a product around the globe. If a product is UL classified, it means you can trust on that product. UL also make sure the safety measures are fine. This chain is a UL classified chain which means without any doubt you can buy this chain for your chainsaw or pole saw.

Made in the USA

The product is made in United States America. On the market, often you get the chains that are made in China. People are familiar with the China’s products. It is a different case when it comes to the topic of this microlite chain. It is made in the USA with high-quality materials as well as environment. You can buy it without thinking about any risk because it is a premium product.

Sharp Cutting

The chain allows your pole saw to cut branches more smoothly than ever. It has quite a sharp finishing with durability. The sharpness of the chain will not run out easily. It will take a long time for the chain to get dullness. As it is a quality chain, dullness will not be an issue for a long time. It will cut branches and limbs better than the other saws because of the chain sharpness. Also, you do not need to sharpen the chain after a few days of use.

Fits for Different Brands

The chain will get fit into a different brand of saws. It is usable for both saws chainsaw and pole saw. The chain is compatible with several models of Remington and Poulan pole and chainsaws. You can check the package to know about the compatibility of it. For further information about the compatibility, there are customers care to get help from.


  • Comes from the USA which ensures the quality of this product
  • Comes with advanced technology to provide sharp and tough cuts to the hardest branches of your garden
  • Delivers smooth cutting as the saw has excellent cutting skill and ability
  • Fits with most the Poulan and Remington brand pole saws
  • Has good qualities with enough safety for the user because it was classified by the UL

Cons With Solution

Blade is dull and unable to cut through the branches

Solution: According to a few users the chain blade is dull. This is the most common issue of a chain. Getting dull is not a problem. It’s actually a common thing that happens to any kind of chain. But when you are unable to cut limbs or branches with a chain, that is a problem for sure. This problem can occur for different reasons. When you are facing this problem constantly, you should sharpen the chain. Sharpening will give the ability to the chain to cut again like a pro. After sharpening the chain, regularly maintain the saw with proper care. Doing these things will help to prevent the dullness of chain.

Chain doesn’t fit because of short length

Solution: The Oregon chain is a microlite chain. The weight of the chain is too low. It was made to use in the saws which are not that heavy. It is a suitable chain for the low powered saws. If you are using the chain in a high powered saw, it might get fit but it will not work properly. It will harm your saw if the saw is not suitable for this chain. People who are facing difficulties with the chain might not be using it with the recommended saws. To solve the problem, don’t use this chain. Buy another replacement which will fit completely on your saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the chain work on Homelite pole saws/chainsaws?
A: It doesn’t fit with all the pole saws from the Homelite. But if the saw is a home standard pole saw, it will fit there for sure.

Q. What is the pitch and gauge of this micro lite chain?
A: The pitch of the chain 3/8 in the diameter. On the other hand, it has .043 gauge same as before - in diameter. The chain works quite well with several pole saws.


The chain can give you tremendous performance in cutting. But that will not be possible if the chain is not enough sharpened. The chain needs to be sufficiently sharpened to provide sharp cuts to the branches. There are several chains on the market with good sharpness. Oregon 8-Inch Micro Lite Chain Saw Chain Fits Poulan, Remington R34 is one of them. It is a chain with the sharpness that will give sharp and tough cuts to the ugly limbs and branches. Moreover, the chain is made in the USA and it’s classified by UL too. So there is no need to worry about the quality of this excellent chain. It will satisfy you with its eye-catching performance. Besides, it’s 8 inches chain. It’s the most common length of the chains. The users who are using it has the opportunity buy this chain. It will be a magnificent choice for them. The price is also reasonable. You should buy one today if you want something exceptional from a chain.

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