Sun Joe SWJ800E-63 Oregon 8-Inch Replacement Semi Chisel Pole Chainsaw Review

The most vital part of a pole saw/chainsaw is the chain. Without the chain, it’s impossible to run the saw. Many kinds of chains are there on the market. People are buying the chains according to their chainsaw’s requirements. There several chains which can be used in different saws. Among the chains, both low quality and high-quality chains are present. Here we have an amazing chain for the chainsaws as well as pole saws which is named as Sun Joe SWJ800E-63 Oregon 8-Inch Replacement Semi Chisel Pole Chainsaw. This is a decent chain from the well established brand called Snow Joe. They are producing some good quality chains in recent time. This chain is an example of it. It has a low profile and excellent cutting power. The chain can fit with different Sun Joe saw models.

Sun Joe SWJ800E-63 Oregon 8-Inch Replacement Semi Chisel Pole Chainsaw

Features Of Sun Joe Replacement Parts

User Safety

The most useful feature of this chain is the safety measures for the user. The chain has got several features for the safety of the operator. It comes with a design that will help you to cut more safely than the other saws. The unique cutter design limits the kickback risk of the saw. When working with a saw, kickback is a dangerous risk. The chain comes with a design that prevents kickback and relieves the user.

Semi Chisel Chain of 8 Inches

Another feature of this product is, the chain is a semi-chisel chain. It can hold the edge for a long time. A full chisel chain is not suitable to hold the edge for enough time. The semi chisel chain is an appropriate chain to cut heavy limbs as well as branches. On the other hand, it’s a chain of 8 inches which means the average jobs of the garden will be done easily with this nice chain.

Cuts Quickly and Clearly

The chain cuts faster than the other traditional chains at the same price. As it comes with a unique cutter design, it will deliver clear and sharp cuts to the ugly branches. There are different type of unused limbs in a garden. All of them are not easy to cut off. You need a quality chain that has the ability to cut thick as well as thin branches. With this chain, you can do it. It will cut the unneeded branches within a second.

Splendid Build Quality

Build quality is another important factor to consider when you are planning on buying a product. You should do the same when you are getting a chain. The chain will be the part which forces the saw to work better. For this reason, build quality of a chain should be good. Here the Sun Joe chain is made in a premium way. The chain is precision cutter, heat-treated and hard chromed cutter. These features of the chain have made it a durable product. It will be fine for the chain to use every day. You will not face any major issue after using it regularly as it is a strong chain.


  • Comes as a low profile chain of 3/8 Inch
  • Is a semi-chisel chain which holds the sharpness for a long time
  • Provides safety to the user with reducing the kickback issue
  • Designed with unique cutter feature which allows the saw to cut like a professional saw
  • Fits some Sun Joe models like SWJ800E and SWJ802E perfectly as the original

Cons With Solution

Chain gets dull all of a sudden

Solution: According to a user of this chain, it gets dull after some use of it. This is a good quality chain from the reputed manufacturer named Snow Joe. They have added a bunch of features to the chain. Here the complaint is the dullness of chain. This is a pretty common issue among the chain. Even the premium quality chains get dull too. Actually, it’s a normal issue. To solve it, you should sharpen the chain. Follow a standard method of sharpening the chain. Don’t forget to use required tools for sharpening. After completing the process of sharpening, the chain will work again as a new chain. Maintain the chain carefully to prevent dullness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size of the file is required to sharpen the Sun Joe chain?
A: You need a file which is 5/32 inches. It will sharpen the chain appropriately.

Q. Will it be a suitable chain for GreenWorks saw?
A: Yes it will be a decent chain for GreenWorks saw. But there is a condition which is your saw has to be 8 inches to make this chain work

Q. What will be the best bar to buy with this chain?
A: Sun Joe has a bar too for this chain. The bar model is SWJ800E-62. It will work perfectly with the chain.


The manufacturer called Snow Joe has made excellent products for a long time. They are famous for producing decent quality pole saws and chainsaws. Now they are concentrating on the production of making good quality chains. One of their best chains is the Sun Joe SWJ800E-63 Oregon 8-Inch Replacement Semi Chisel Pole Chainsaw. It’s a semi-chisel chain which will give you comfortable cutting performance. The chain will be the perfect match for the Sun Joe saws including SWJ800E & SWJ802E models. It has earned its fame on the market with some extraordinary qualities and features. During the production of this chain, they have given attention to the user ​​safetyThis is why the chain has a unique type of cutter design. It is a useful design for the chains because it decreases the issue of kickback. The chain is not going to kickback as the other chains do.

As a result, the user will be safe from this danger. Moreover, the saw is made in the United States America. You all know how much good the products are which are made in the USA. The chain has earned decent enough reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.6. The price is fine when you look at the features. Going for the product will be a good decision.

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