WEN 4021 Electric Pole Saw Review

The electric pole saws are dominating the market nowadays. People depend more on electrical products than gas running products. It’s because these electronic products are affordable to get on a low budget. The maintenance cost of electric saws is also less than the other saws on the market. WEN 4021 Electric Pole Saw is a nice choice among the electric pole saws. It is a telescoping electric saw pole saw which is capable of reaching up to 9 feet and provide a clear-cut to your garden’s overgrown branches. The saw has the automatic oiling system that reduces the pain of oiling the saw manually. You don’t have to be anxious if the saw is getting sufficient oil. The oiling system does it carefully. Moreover, this pole saw is designed to be emission-free during your work. The weight of this saw is lighter than some conventional saws. It will help you to control the saw in a better way.

WEN 4021 8-Inch 6.5A Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

Feature Of Wen Electric Pole Saw

Environment-Friendly Design

Many of the saws are harmful to our environment. Specially the old saws were not equipped with the environment-friendly design. As a result, they released different kind of dangerous gases which continually harmed our environment in the past. In this case, the saw is different. Though it’s a great saw with a powerful machine still, it will not release any type of gases.

Telescoping Pole

The saw contains a sturdy telescoping pole which is there to assist you while reaching the height or hard to reach areas. As it is a telescoping pole, it can be adjusted too. The pole of the saw can be adjusted from 6 feet to 9 feet. This will give you the opportunity to use the saw to get into the upper areas.

Rotating Motor

The saw runs by the tremendous 8-ampere motor which is best for cutting the hard and stubborn limbs. It is there to deliver cut the high-quality performance. The electric saw has the Oregon chain bar. The motor is capable of rotating the chain up to 2165 feet per minute. So you got the idea how much superb cutting performance is going to be delivered with the biggest motor.

Needed Accessories

The saw contains accessories that are needed to operate the pole saw comfortably. For user comfort and the proper use of pole saw, there are accessories including the adjustable center handle and a scabbard. A shoulder strap is also included with the saw for getting adequate control of it.


  • Compact design that allows user to adjust the chain without any type of tools
  • Comes with the famous Oregon Blade Model S33
  • Runs by the 6.5 amp motor that is able to rotate the chain up to 2165 feet every minute
  • Has a strong telescoping pole that reaches up to 9 feet for cutting high range branches
  • Includes necessary accessories so that you don’t have to purchase those separately

Cons With Solution

Pole saw is quite heavy to lift

Solution: This is an electric pole saw which can be a little heavy. The most burdensome part might be the head part. So it becomes difficult for some of the users to lift and work with the saw. It’s not a problem because it depends on people. The weight opinion may vary from user to user. If you find the saw heavy, do some steps to avoid the heavy weight. Do not use the saw for a long long time. It will obviously make you feel weak and harm your concentration on work. Take rest after every 15 minutes so that your body can reproduce the energy. Also, drink water or some light foods. Doing these things will make you comfortable working with the saw.

Comparatively, short pole saw

Solution: Pole saw means a saw which can reach heights to cut the high branches. Here the saw has got not much height. It can reach only 9.5 feet high from the ground level. Sometimes you might need more heights. You can use a ladder for further hard to reach branches. If the 9.5 feet height is not enough for you, the ladder is the only option left. Though ladder has some risks with it, you can reach your desired height with the help of a ladder. Source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which oil should I use for this electric saw?
A: It comes with specific oil. If you want alternate oil, buy the oil that comes with the product. Or you can use any standard chainsaw oil.

Q. Is the cord long enough?
A: Not actually. The cord is quite short. It might not be enough for you.

Q. What about the cutting speed?
A: The pole saw cuts faster as it has the 8-inch chain. Cutting power is not a problem for this saw.

Q. Does the product come everything assembled?
A: No, you have to install the saw and put oil into it.

Q. Will I get a user manual or instruction book with it?
A: Yes, you will. It’s so easy to operate the saw when you are taking help from the user manual.


The WEN 4021 Electric Pole Saw has a user-friendly and efficient design. It helps to decrease the user fatigue. In this time, it’s very important for a product to have the quality of being environmentally friendly. This saw is definitely a winner in that field as its operations are emission free. On the other hand, lifting and working with this saw will not be trouble. It weighs only 8 pounds allowing the user to be comfortable with the cutting task. The pole saw runs by a powerful 6.5 amp motor which allows cutting many stubborn limbs. It even cuts 6-inch wide limb with minimum effort. As the days are passing, the price of saws is increasing with modern features. It’s getting hard for several families to afford a decent saw. But this all-rounder saw has an affordable price with excellent quality and function. Adding it to your regular yard tools will obviously be a great decision.

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