Oregon 540524 10-inch Chain Saw Replacement Bar Review

Oregon is the first choice for many users when it comes to the topic of buying chains or bars. They have made a lot of bars and chains with good qualities. Oregon 540524 10-inch Chain Saw Replacement Bar one of the best bars made by the famous Oregon brand. The bar is made to be used in the pole saws or chainsaws of another well-known brand called Remington. There are many Remington saw user around the world. A good badly needed for them. This is why the Oregon has made a decent quality bar which has a lot of features to offer. The bar can be fitted with 10 inches chainsaws. It also can be used in some Wizard pole saws too. The bar will help the chain of the chainsaw to cut the branches properly. It will not be a problem when trimming the thick branches. Let see the features of this replacement bar.

Oregon 540524 10 inch Chain Saw Replacement Bar

Features of Oregon Chain Saw Bar

Ideal Replacement For Pole Saws

The bar is an ideal alternate choice for several pole saws/chainsaws. There are many bars which can be used only in one saw model. But this bar from the Oregon is different. They have made it compatible with various saws. The list includes RM1015SP, RPS 2N1, Remington 106821 and so on. Moreover, some models of Wizard saw are also compatible with the bar.

Quick Changing Method

The Oregon bar is the perfect replacement for several chainsaws. After buying this suitable bar for your saw, you don’t have to face problems regarding the bar replacement process. The bar comes with the easy changing method which will allow you to change it in a short time. Just follow the steps written on the box and you will get the method.

Good Length

The replacement bar has a decent amount of length. It has 10 inches in length that are the best length for a bar according to the saw experts. It will be more comfortable than 8-inch bar saws because of its length. If you have one the saw models which listed above with 8-inch bar, you should replace that bar with it. Because sawing job with 10-inch bar is easy and comfortable. It is not going to disappoint you as it has got a good length.

Admirable Performance

While buying a product, a user considers its performance most. If the saw has good performance and qualities, it will obviously be the first choice of customers. Here the bar delivers exceptional performance. As it’s a 10-inch bar, cutting and the trimming process will be super smooth. It will take the saw to do your sawing jobs faster and more accurate. Thus the 10-inch magnificent cutting bar will clean your garden.


  • Compatible with the respective products - Remington 106821A, 106890-02. RM1015SP, 108526-01, PS1510A and RPS 2N1
  • Fits various models of Wizard pole saws too
  • Provides better performance than the original existing bar
  • Arrives well packed which allow the user to carry the saw comfortably
  • Runs with the Harbor freight lynx battery operated pole saw

Cons With solution

Doesn’t fit the Black & Decker pole saw

Solution: One of the users have launched a complaint against the Oregon replacement bar that the tool doesn’t fit the Black & Decker pole saw even after the recommendation. The Oregon bar will get fit into an oval hole. If you pole saw comes with any other shape hole, it will not fit there. Black & Decker pole saw comes with the round hole. The Oregon has never recommended it for a Black & Decker pole saw. They said the bar is compatible with different Remington models like RM1015SP, RPS 2N1, Remington 106821 etc. So people who are using other products should not buy this bar. But if you are keen on using the product, you should talk with the representatives of Oregon customer service. They will help you to know more about the bar. They will provide pieces of information about the compatibility too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this 10-inch bar on a Remington saw which has 8 inches bar?
A: No, you cannot use it on Remington 10 inches bar saw. The bar is made to be used with the 10 inches bar, not 8 inches.

Q. Will the bar fit on the 10 inches Remington saw bar?
A: Yes, it will work on the 10 inches model. In fact, after using the bar you will get the feel that you are using a new saw.

Q. What is the weight of this Oregon bar?
A: The weight is 11.7 ounces as the manufacturer said. It’s a little bit weighty compared to other replacement bar models.

Q. Can I use the bar in Black & Decker pole saw?
A: Obvious you can use the bar on Black & Decker pole saw. But the bar length of the saw should be 10 inches to make the bar work.


The bar is an important part of a chainsaw. The bar helps the chain to run. If you have a good chainsaw but the bar is not good then you will face different type of difficulties. There are many good quality bars on the market. Oregon is producing some majestic bars in recent time. Oregon 540524 10-inch Chain Saw Replacement Bar is one of them. This bar comes with lots of features. The bar can be changed quickly. It means when you are replacing the bar of your pole saw/chainsaw, it will not take time as the bar is very easy to install. It will save much time than other bars changing method.

Remington saws are the most popular saw on the market according to a survey. But those saws do not come with a replacement bar which is reliable as well as durable. Oregon finally took the step of making a decent bar for the Remington saws. The bar is not only compatible with the Remington saws but also with some models of Wizard pole saws. The price of the bar is quite affordable. As it comes with many impressive characteristics, you can buy it for an alternative to you saw.

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