Earthwise CVPS43010 2-in-1 Corded Convertible Chainsaw – PoleSaw Review

For a garden use, chainsaw and pole saw both are needed equally. Sometimes you have a pole saw but that is not capable of transforming into a chainsaw. This is a common trouble the gardeners face. That is why some companies have made a combo of chainsaw and pole saw. It means you will get multiple benefits from one saw. Among the convertible saws, now Earthwise CVPS43010 2-in-1 Corded Convertible Chainsaw – PoleSaw is going to be reviewed. It’s another outstanding convertible saw that would be able to work as both, a chainsaw and a pole saw. Besides, it runs by 7 amp motor which will provide enough power to saw jobs. The engine is powerful enough to cut through the stiff limbs. On the other hand, the pole comes with the saw can extend up to 8 feet. So you will be able to trim higher branches with ease.

Earthwise CVPS43010 7-Amp 10-Inch Convertible 2-in-1 Polesaw Chainsaw

Features Of Earthwise Pole Saw

Effortless Conversion

The convertible saw can convert from pole saw to chainsaw or chainsaw to pole saw with minimum human effort. This Earthwise convertible saw comes with a button on the body that is given for the user comfort during conversion. You just have to press that one button and the saw will convert from a decent chainsaw to a high length pole saw.

Extension For High Reach

The pole saw is capable of extending to cut the branches of the upper region in your garden. It has a maximum reach of 7.5 feet. As a result, with this saw, you can reach the top branches without facing difficulties. 7.5 feet reach is enough if you consider an average garden. It has got a sturdy extension pole for high reach.

10 Inch Oregon Bar And Chain

The convertible saw comes with the most powerful 10-inch cutting bar. It will give you tremendous cuts. The stubborn branches are not problems anymore. The saw comes with the Oregon bar which can provide precise cuts to the most stubborn branch of the garden. It works faster and more safely.

Necessary Safety Accessories

Safety accessories are essential for a saw. Customers become most happy when they have got something in a product which is dedicated to them. The saw has safety accessories like chain cover, protective bar and the shoulder strap. All of them keep the user out of risk of the chainsaw.

Lightweight And Durable

The saw comes with a telescoping pole. It can extend to give you more reach for cutting high area branches. Some of the saws are heavy when there’s pole attached to the saw. But in this case, the saw is still lightweight after connecting the pole as the pole is a telescopic extension. It makes the saw lightweight and durable too.


  • Contains a strong telescopic pole that provides 8 feet maximum reach
  • Supplies adequate amount of oil to the chain with automatic oiling system
  • Comes with a Cord Retention Hook for user safety and comfortable utilization
  • Offers clear cuts with Oregon bar and chain which is 8 inch
  • Allows multiple uses that mean it can be used as a chainsaw and pole saw too

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t cut branches in the performance what is expected from it

Solution: If you are not getting good cutting performance from the chainsaw/pole saw, there might be problems with the blade or chain or even you. The saw blade matters the most when you are planning to cut the branches or limbs. If it’s not appropriately sharpened, it will fail to provide maximum cutting performance. You may try changing the blade and get a replacement. Next check the bar and chain too. The problem can also happen when you are not familiar with the saw operating. So learn how to use a saw and you will get your desired performance.

Chain stops rotating and not working even after adjusting

Solution: The chain shouldn’t stop rotating as it’s a high-quality chain. When you are facing this issue, try to follow some steps. At first, place the chainsaw on a flat surface. Start the process with spark plug disconnection. Now make the clutch cover nuts lose. Hold the bar up nose and clockwise, turn chain screw tension. Do it until the slack has not gone. Lastly, tighten the cover nuts of the clutch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the saw angle?
A: No angle is available with this chainsaw/pole saw.

Q. What is the sprocket made of that comes with the saw?
A: The sprocket that comes with this chainsaw is made of metal.

Q. Will I have the chainsaw oil with the saw?
A: No, the chainsaw oil is not included. But later, you can get a 30 weight motor oil which doesn’t cost much.

Q. Will it come assembled or I have to assemble it?
A: You have to assemble a little bit but it’s not hard. There are pictures on the machine that will give your mind ideas to assemble. Then just put the oil and you are ready to go.

Q. How long is the pole when it’s not extended?
A: The length is about 5 feet, 3 inches while the pole is not extended.


Every part of the saw matter when you are choosing the right saw for you. The engine should have the capability of posing sufficient power as it’s the heart of a chainsaw. If it’s good enough then you will face zero problems while cutting and trimming the limbs or logs. The chain and bar is another crucial point. It matters the most when you want dominant cutting performance. If the chain and bar have decent quality, it will provide you some majestic cutting performances. Here Earthwise CVPS43010 2-in-1 Corded Convertible Chainsaw – PoleSaw has both qualities. It is undoubtedly a superb pole saw/chainsaw combination that contains powerful motor and strong chain and bar. Additionally, the chainsaw comes with the blade cover and shoulder strap. These are the safety measures of the user. The saw will give you full safety when you are working with it. Price of the saw is affordable. Overall, you should purchase one if you are a possible buyer of chainsaw/pole saw combination.

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