Husqvarna 503305464 Replacement Chain Fits 327PT5S Pole Saw Review

There are lots of chain with their features and different qualities. All of the chains do not come with good qualities. Many of the local brand chains are dominating several markets. Those are harmful to your saw as well as the garden. The bad quality chains lessen the durability of a pole saw or chainsaw. Sometimes even they are reasons why your pole saw stops working and never starts again. Here comes a chain that you can trust. It is Husqvarna 503305464 Replacement Chain Fits 327PT5S Pole Saw. The chain is from the manufacturer called Husqvarna. It is a nice chain for your pole saw/chainsaw. The chain can be used in one product which is Husqvarna 327PT5S pole saw. According to the manufacturer only the Husqvarna saw is compatible with the chain. If you have the saw of this model, it will be the best replacement for you.

Husqvarna 503305464 Replacement Chain Fits 327PT5S Pole Saw, 12-Inch

Features of husqvarna replacement bar

Chain of 12 Inches

This Husqvarna chain’s unique feature is the length of the chain. It’s 12 inches which are quite admirable. You can’t see this length of chains often. These are very rare on the market. It can cut the largest limbs of your garden with no problem. It has got some extraordinary abilities for cutting. The chain is also eligible to cut down the logs. In fact, some of the large-sized logs are not trouble for this chain.

1/4 Inches Impressive Pitch

The chain comes with a 1/4 inches pitch. This pitch will be super helpful to cut the high limbs. Even the thick limbs cutting is easier than ever with the chain. This amount of pitch is not available anywhere in the market as the companies have started to make the new size of pitches. With this Husqvarna chain, you will still get the famous pitch which is able to cut branches which are more than 6 inches in diameter.

Well Built And Sharp

The building structure of this saw is simply exceptional. The user will be easily get addicted to the chain because of it’s user-friendly operation. The chain is made for the user comfort during work. On the other hand, the chain is sharp enough. You don’t need to sharpen the chain after each task. It will hold it’s blade for a long time. Cutting with this durable sharpness will save a lot of your time. You can see details in Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review

compatibility With Quality Performance

The chain is compatible with the Husqvarna saws. It can be used for the Husqvarna saw model called Husqvarna 327PT5S pole saw. If the chain of this saw doesn’t work properly or you need another sharp chain, this replacement chain is the perfect choice for you. It will serve your needs with its superior performance. The chain can cut branches which are up to 6 inches the diameter. It can even cut dry oaks properly.


  • 12 inches chain to provide excellent cuts to the hard branches with ease
  • Contains 1/4-inch pitch -.050 gauge with - 64 drive links for more durability and work rate
  • Specially made for the Husqvarna pole saw chain and the model is 327PT5S
  • Manufactured by Husqvarna with high-quality materials to make the saw’s life longer
  • Comes as a lightweight chain which doesn’t add extra weight to your pole saw

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t fit 327PT5S pole saw as the description says

Solution: According to the description, the chain should get fitted in the Husqvarna 327PT5S pole saw. But the Husqvarna pole saw users have complained that the chain doesn’t fit with it. They have tried several things to use the chain in their saw but they failed to use the chain in the pole saw. The Husqvarna pole saw is a saw which uses the 12 inches chain. A suitable 12 inches chain is needed for this saw. But the chain of Husqvarna doesn’t match the requirements. This is why it’s not getting fit to the saw. To get rid of this problem, use any other chain. For Husqvarna 327PT5S saw, Oregon has a chain. The chain is named as OREGON 25AP064G 64 Drive Link Micro Chisel Chain that has 1/4-Inch Pitch. It will be the best chain for this saw. It will get proper fit too.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How’s the chain’s build quality regarding performance?
A: The chain is a very sharp and sturdy chain. It will provide more satisfying performance than you can think with its qualities.

Q. How much thick branches it can cut?
A: The chain is able to cut dry oak which is thick branches. It cuts branches who are 6-7 inches in the diameter.

Q. Does the chain work on 327PT5S Pole Saw? Many users said it doesn’t work on that model.
A: The replacement chain is made for the Husqvarna pole saw model. If it does not work, it might be mistaken by the seller that they did not send the right product.

Q. What is the dimension of this chain?
A: The dimension of the chain is 4 x 2 x 6 inches.4 x 2 x 6 inches.


Good products are hard to find and on the market of chains for the saws, it more difficult to find an appropriate chain which will be suitable for your saw. Here we have reviewed the best replacement for Husqvarna 327PT5S pole saw. The replacement chain is Husqvarna 503305464 Replacement Chain Fits 327PT5S Pole Saw. If you are a user of that pole saw, this chain is the replacement part. Without a single doubt, you can buy the chain. The chain has a lot of good characteristics. It includes the massive 12 inches length. This number of length is very rare on the market. You cannot find one of these chains easily. On the other hand, the chain comes with a gauge of -.050. The pitch of this Husqvarna chain is 1/4-inch. Cutting with this 12 inches chain will be super simple and controllable. The chain will allow the saw to cut properly. If you are fine with the budget, go for this chain.

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