WORX WG309 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw Review

When you are cutting the lower area’s shrubs or bushes, you need a regular chainsaw. On the other hand, while cutting the upper branches on tall trees, you can’t use a chainsaw. You can do it with a chainsaw but in that case, you need to manage a ladder. Using ladder is not a good option as it poses dangers. To do upper and lower both of the jobs with one machine, you have to buy WORX WG309 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw. This is one of the best saws of famous company WORX. The saw is a combination of pole and chainsaw which makes your sawing job easy for both higher and lower levels. It has 8 feet extension pole for high branches. By detaching the pole, you can cut those fallen limbs. The saw has automatic oil pump with the level indicator that makes the operating of the saw comfortable. The pole saw is one of the best-selling products in the market.

WORX WG309 8 Amp 10 inch 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

Features Of Worx Electric Pole Saw

Multi-function Ability

The saw can work as a chainsaw and a pole saw too. The head of the saw can do the job of a traditional chainsaw. On the other hand, adding the extension pole will make it a pole saw. When you need the chainsaw, just detach the pole from the saw and it becomes a chainsaw. Pole saw helps to cut high branches where the chainsaw is good for the other yard jobs.

8 Amp Powerful Motor

The pole saw contain 8 Amp motor but yet the size of the saw is similar to the size of a saw that is operated by battery. It also provides more power than a battery operated saw. After connecting the saw to an electrical outlet, the saw is ready to work constantly. It runs through all the seasons quite well including summer.

Automatic Oiling System

One of the most exceptional features of the saw is the automatic oiler system. There is a oil container from where the oil pump draws the oil and keeps the chain lubricated according to need. It’s called ‘Automatic Oiler’ which means the process is automatically done. You do not have to think about the oiling issue anymore with this pole/chainsaw.

Auto Tension Chain System

Here comes the unique feature of the pole saw. It has auto tensioning chain system. The feature is a patented design from the company. During the work with a chainsaw, often we have to tighten the chain manually. It’s very annoying and hampers your sawing tasks. But with auto tension chain system, just press the knob and it will automatically tighten the chain. As a result, you will keep working without any interruption.

Extension Pole

The saw comes with an extension pole which is very easy to install. A chainsaw is not enough for the yard jobs. When the topic of cutting hard-to-reach branches come, you probably wonder how you can do it with a chainsaw. A ladder is an option but it’s risky for you when you are not that much familiar with cutting jobs. For this problem, this saw from WORX comes with an extension pole which is easy to setup and does the job of upper regions.


  • Very Lightweight and user-friendly design
  • Comes with a handle which is rotatable and allows you to do your works comfortably
  • Features automatic oiler that helps to maintain the saw
  • Includes the auto chain tensioning system which keeps the chain running properly
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance from the user
  • Easy Conversion from pole saw to chainsaw

Cons With Solution

Doesn’t come with its oil

Solution: The pole saw/chainsaw doesn’t come with oil. This is a complaint from many of the users. But there’s no need to be worried about this issue. You can buy the oil from any home improvement stores near your home. The pole saw accepts several oils. Automotive engine oil, 30w is one of them. You can buy the oil from Amazon too.

Oil leaking issue

Solution: Some of the customers have claimed that they are facing oil leaking from the saw. The oil leak is common among the saws. But it’s a problem when it's leaking excessively. From where the oil is leaking, check it. It can be the tank or oil line or even the cap. After finding the leakage point, removing the chain and the bar, clean the saw properly. Drain and flush the oil tank and then refill it. To test if the problem has been solved, put the saw on a cardboard and observe it for some days. Hopefully, it will not again leak excessively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum height the pole can reach?
A: The maximum height this pole can reach is 12 feet. It’s a little bit difficult to control the pole when it’s fully extended.

Q. What about the cord?
A: The cord connects the saw head to the extension pole. The size of the wire is around 10 inch.

Q. Does the pole saw come with a chain break?
A: No, it doesn’t come with a chain break. The chain stops as soon as the throttle has been released.

Q. Does it have a battery and charger?
A: No. It’s an electric unit which is why it doesn't contain battery or charger.

Q. Where is the switch? On the pole or saw?
A: The switch is available in both parts separately. The pole contains a switch as well as the saw.


WORX WG309 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw requires very low maintenance and care from the user. But still, it’s one of the best yard tools in the market. The design and look of this pole saw are not different from the previous saws of WORX. They are always favorite for their gorgeous design and look they provide in the saws. The building quality of this saw is pretty decent too. The pole saw is electric which means you do not have to face the trouble of battery or charging to run the saw. It has some impressive features. The motor that is used in the saw is 8 Amp. It ensures the consistency in performance of the saw. The saw is a little bit heavy when the pole is extended but it’s not uncontrollable. However, the saw cut tree limbs very well and helpful for lower areas too. If you are looking for an excellent machine for the common tasks of your yard, you can purchase it.

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