WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw Review

With a chainsaw, another thing comes which is the risk of it. Several people do not use a standard chainsaw because of its dangers. Even some people think that chainsaw is for professionals, not for the domestic ones. But the manufacturer company called Worx has made an end to this myth. They have proved that it was a wrong belief by making the WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw. It is a chainsaw that was made with safety every way possible. The chainsaw comes with a bunch of safety measures. It has a set of solid steel teeth outfitted with the jawsaw. These solid steel teeth help to hold the wood securely while you are cutting them. The saw also gives extra stability to the user. As a result, if someone is using it for the first time, he will be confident to work with it. Moreover, the saw has unique cutter design with more features.

WORX WG320 JawSaw 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

Features Of Worx Jawsaw

Chains Guarded by Cover

The chain is the crucial part of a saw. But the chain has several risks with it too. There are many saws which don't have the chain cover. They are very dangerous to use. This WORX chainsaw is definitely not one of them. It comes with a strong chain cover which is specialized to protect the user when using the chainsaw. The chain will also be saved from many waste materials.


The chainsaw comes with the auto-tensioning feature. This is an important feature which should be used in every chainsaw. But most of the saws lack this feature. The auto tension provides proper tension to the chain so that the chain can keep running properly. Without the auto tension feature, a user has to tension the chain manually which is very painful.

Automatic Oiling Mechanism

The automatic oiling system is another significant quality of a saw. If the saw has automatic oiler, you will just have to fill the oil reservoir. The rest is up to the automatic oiler. It is going to supply oil to the chain and bar when it’s necessary. You don’t have to worry at all if the chain is getting enough oil. The automatic oiling mechanism will do the job.

Scissor Cut Specialty

The most eye-catching characteristic of this saw is the scissor cut action on the head of the chainsaw. It’s a completely new made design from the manufacturer Positec/Worx. It was made for the safety of the user. During work with a saw, kickback is the most dangerous risk that results in fatal accident sometimes. By using this design, the saw will not kickback like other saws. The design limits the risky kickback. Thus it gives a safe experience of sawing jobs to the user.


  • Comes with the feature of automatically tensioning the chain so that you don’t need to take the pain of doing it manually
  • Contains the automatic oiler system that supplies oil to the chain and bar when it should be supplied
  • Comes with the guard chain cover for the user safety
  • Reduces the dangerous kickback with the scissor cut actions
  • Eligible to make cuts on the ground which is a rare feature among the chainsaws

Cons With Solution

Chain constantly falls off the chainsaw

Solution: Many of the users have complained that the chain continually comes off during work which is very annoying. The chain can come off for different reasons. One of the most common reasons is the chain stretching. While the chain is in normal operation, it starts sagging on the saw’s guide bar. This process allows the chain to get loose. If the chain is loose, it’s very much dangerous for the user as well as the chainsaw. It can occur different type of accidents. This is why you need to tighten the chain with proper method. If the chain is not tightened decently, it will fall off again and again. To tighten the chain, you have to give a proper tension to the chain. Firstly, start by losing the nuts that are situated on the guide bar panel. Proceed to the next step that is the adjustment of the screw. The screw should be decently adjusted. In the end, finishing all the tasks, again tighten the nuts of the guide bar panel. This is the best way to tighten the chain. If the chain is tightened in this way, it will not come off again hopefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the battery take to charge completely?
A: It takes almost 2 hours to get the full charge. After getting the charge, the chainsaw can do heavy works for 1 hour approximately.

Q. How much thick branches the Worx Jawsaw can cut?
A: This is a beast chainsaw. It can cut up to 4 inches thick branches by its praiseworthy cutting ability.

Q. Does the chainsaw come with the manufacturer warranty
A: Yes, it does come with the warranty. From the manufacturer, it comes with three years warranty which is enough for this durable chainsaw.


The need for cordless saws is expanding as the day are passing. The reason behind the increase of cordless option is the characteristics of it. As the saw is cordless, you need no electricity or electric outlet to power the saw. You just need to charge and use the saw. There is no other pain. Among the cordless chainsaws, WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw is the best choice. It contains a lot of impressive qualities. For regular and heavy use it will be a great saw. You can cut the most stubborn limbs and branches of your garden with this beast machine. The saw is also able to cut directly on the ground. You cannot do it with other conventional saws. Besides, the weight of the saw is light. It weighs less than 8 lbs which is yet another example why the chainsaw is the best choice. The price is high according to some users. But considering the features, it’s fine. It has got 4.5 on Amazon. Overall it will be the best addition to your yard tools if you purchase it.

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